Chrysler's Latest Import From Detroit: Profits

John Rosevear, The Motley Fool
Daily Finance

Chrysler Group, the most diminished of the (once-) Big Three and the automaker marked "Most Likely to Be Liquidated for Three Sticks of Gum and a Roll of Pennies" for much of the past decade, reported its first full-year profit since 2009 on Wednesday.

Chrysler's $225 million fourth-quarter profit was enough to put all of 2011 in the black for America's No. 3 automaker, giving it a net income for the full year of $183 million.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said on Wednesday that "all of" parent Fiat's (OTC: FIATY) 2011 net income came from Chrysler, as the Italian side of the firm has struggled with rough economic conditions in Europe. Maybe this "Imported From Detroit" thing is working out for them after all.

A surprising turnaround gathers steam

The story of Chrysler's return from the (nearly) dead is simple and good: Its products got a lot better, and more people have been buying them. Meanwhile, costs have come down sharply.

But the story behind the story is a good one, too, a rare case of merger partners finding profitable synergies and realizing them at high speed. Marchionne's dramatic initial vision of "one company in two houses" -- the two houses being Turin and Auburn Hills, the Detroit suburb Chrysler calls home -- became a reality very quickly, as Fiat and Chrysler managers worked together to cut costs out of Chrysler's battered operation and overhaul its product line on the fly.

That product overhaul has been remarkable, and is the key to Chrysler's current success. The bare bones of the sad line of cars and trucks that the company was (mostly not) selling in 2008 are still recognizable in its current products, but they've been given extensive makeovers and fine-tuning that have made them much more competitive.

The results have been gratifying, with month after month of hefty sales gains in the U.S., and for the first time, the beginnings of traction for Chrysler's brands overseas. Chrysler posted an eye-popping 43% increase in retail sales in the U.S. in 2011, enough to power it to a 10.5% market share and fourth place in the domestic sales standings.

But in some ways, those were the easy pickings -- making the most of what Chrysler already had. Now comes the hard part.

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Eight food trucks and carts will serve up their best and freshest street fare Feb. 8 at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.

Organized by the newly formed Michigan Mobile Food Vendors Association, the 5-9 p.m. event will be held indoors with live entertainment by the Reefermen.

Participants are Treat Dreams gourmet ice cream; Jacques Tacos, El Guapo Fresh Mexican Grill, Taco Mama, Concrete Cuisine, Frank’s Anatra and Ned’s Travelburger.

Admission is free, and tips will be donated to nonprofit groups.

The Farmers Market is in downtown Royal Oak at 316 E. Eleven Mile, two blocks east of Main.
Eat It Detroit

The London Chop House is one of the most storied establishments of Old Detroit, perhaps second only to the J.L. Hudson's building in its infamy. People still tell stories about it to this day -- nearly anyone with any interest in Detroit history and/or dining culture can tell you that this was the place Chef Jimmy Schmidt cut his teeth before opening the Rattlesnake Club, or that this place was so popular that the Caucus Club was opened merely to contain its spillover (with another interesting sidestory that the Caucus Club was where Barbara Streisand got her start -- true, if only down to the actual letter of the phrasing). It was one of the top-ranked restaurants in the country from the 1950s into the '80s, collecting top honors from a variety of publications as well as a James Beard Award along the way. It was a revelation in painstakingly detailed tuxedoed service at a time when this kind of service was still very much in vogue, far exceeding other establishments in its committment to its customer experience.

When a guest made a reservation, he would arrive to find his table with books of matches and a reserved sign all imprinted with his name, as well as a card with a coin in a slot reimbursing him for his phone call. Alpha types jostled for table #1, while regulars glowed with the knowledge that their suavely jacketed waiter had remembered how many ice cubes they liked in their highballs. 

The Chop House was a hallmark of Detroit's former grandeur, the very embodiment of wealth, power, and prestige that local industry afforded high-powered businessmen. To look at some of the old menus now reveals a steakhouse that is mostly unremarkable save for comparisons to anything other than a steakhouse, but this was the kind of place where the food played second string behind the concertmasters that were image, image, image. The London Chop House meant money, and diners may just as well have eaten their hundreds pan-seared with garlic and white wine for the privilege of being seen in a place imbued with such illustriousness.

But that Detroit is gone.

I'll spare you the hand-wringing over That Which Once Was; that time has passed and most of us who "reminisce" about it today weren't even alive to see it. The London Chop House is the preferred go-to reference point of how great Detroit once was, much as Slows is the contemporary go-to reference point of how great it can be once again. (Conversely it is also an fitting analogy of how far Detroit hath fallen; read this piece on its imminent closing, printed three years before it actually shut its doors, in the New York Times.) Anyone who has spent any length of time writing about food and/or history in this town has spilled their fair share of Internet ink waxing nostalgic on the Chop House (self included). So the news that leaked last week -- news that may have been a bit overlooked in the course of all the holiday hubbub -- that the London Chop House would be reopening after nearly 20 years was met with surprising quiet.

Or maybe it isn't so surprising. At a time when every new high-profile venture in Detroit is met with much fanfare and the usual suspects doing backflips months in advance of its opening on the Craig Fahle Show, the re-opening of the London Chop House has been shrouded in secrecy. The few who do know any significant details about it -- whether garnered by legitimate means or through the grapevine of legitimate hearsay -- aren't at liberty to talk about it.

Here's what CAN be said: the restaurant that is opening is under the ownership of the Gatzaros family, local restaurateurs responsible for the Fishbone's chain as well as the fairly-new Wah-Hoo (an upscale Chinese restaurant in the Central Business District). It is being called the London Chop House & Cigar Bar. It will be located at 155 Congress St. in the lower level of the Murphy Building, the same location as before.

Aside from its name and location, any other similarities between the old Chop House and this doppleganger have yet to be revealed. The owners are extremely tight-lipped about it (like, legal action tight-lipped ... like, this might be my third law suit threat tight-lipped), and while it is supposedly scheduled to open in about a month there is almost no information available about it.

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The Michigan Central Depot is a must-have shot for any documentary about Detroit.
Dustin Dwyer
Changing Gears

Detroit is a city that fascinates a lot of people.

Its story is not a simple one, though it has sometimes been a dramatic one. So maybe it’s not surprising that we seem to hear every week about a new documentary film being made about Detroit.

Changing Gears hasn’t had a chance to see all of these documentaries, but we’ve heard about an awful lot of them.

And we’ve noticed some patterns that we thought could be helpful in case you ever decide to make a documentary about the Motor City.

So, here is our DIY guide for how to make a Detroit documentary:

Opening shot: An abandoned building sits desolate in the morning light. Tufts of yellowed grass sprout up among the cracked concrete and bent steel. The grass blades wave weakly with the wind, as if in surrender.

Once the shot establishes, you can add a voice-over, and possibly some sad music.

Suggested locations:

Michigan Central Station 
Brush Park 
Packard Plant Fisher Body Plant 21

 Act One: “Paris of the Midwest”
After you visually establish that Detroit is a rotting mess of industrial decay, you’ll need to remind your audience of the glory days. Be sure to refer to Detroit as the Motor City as much as possible.

You should also use phrases like “put the world on wheels,” “gave rise to the middle class” and “Paris of the Midwest.” You can even get archival footage of Detroit on YouTube.

Once that’s established, you’ll want to cue up some ominous music. It’s time to show people the city’s rapid and depressing decline. In the past, if you were making a documentary about Detroit, now would be the time to show footage from the 1967 riots.

But using the riots as a way to describe Detroit’s decline has fallen somewhat out of fashion. You can still mention the riots, but be sure to mention that other cities had riots too, and that the city’s downfall can’t be blamed on this one set of events. Still, you’ll have to blame the decline on something, so here’s a list of possible scapegoats:

The Federal Government 
The State Government
The declining social fabric of America

Act Two: The Post-Apocalyptic Hell-Scape
This is the part of Detroit documentaries that gets people most excited, so don’t hold back. Some choose to skip the other parts of the story completely and just do an entire documentary on this. Either way, you’ll need lots more shots of abandoned places.

This time, visit some neighborhoods on the outskirts of downtown. You can get shots of empty blocks, crumbled houses and graffiti. Pay special attention to the places where vegetation has started growing up through concrete. In a Detroit documentary, you can never have too many of those shots.

It’s also important to put a human face on this part of the story. You should try to find someone with big, watery eyes who’s old enough to remember the good days in Detroit. If you’re lucky, they’ll tell you about bullets being shot through their window, drugs taking over their street and the inevitable hopelessness that every poor soul left in Detroit can’t help but feel.

If you’re really lucky, they’ll ask you to stop taping so they can cry. It goes without saying that this person should be extremely poor and preferably black.

End the act with a long, lingering pause, so that your audience can fully feel the visceral, unending misery that is life in today’s Detroit.

Act Three:
A Glimmer Of Hope This act is sometimes optional in Detroit documentaries. In other documentaries it’s the entire focus (but those are usually the boring documentaries). Anyway, the hopeful storyline should start off with a shot of downtown Detroit, this time with actual people in it, to show that life goes on despite all the horror.

Then you’ll want to cut to a project or business that is emblematic of what’s going right in the city. Here are some suggestions:

Avalon Bakery 
Slow’s Bar B Q 
Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes 
Detroit Denim Co. 
Any community garden 
Any artist 
Detroit Creative Corridor Center

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Michigan Radio

Sewing together a new industry

A small group of Michigan designers and economic development officials are headed to Turkey for a week-long trade trip.

The group believes Michigan’s garment industry is up-and-coming, and they hope the trade trip will spur on partnerships with Turkey’s textile suppliers and buyers.

Eleanor Fuchs believes the garment industry "has the potential to be a multi-million if not billion dollar industry here in Michigan."

Fuchs is with the Prima Civitas Foundation, which is spearheading the new Michigan Garment Industry Council. She hopes the trade trip to Turkey will spur on partnerships with buyers and suppliers.

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Detroit Re-Nailed

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Fotoula Lambros Design 

Hatch Detroit Contest

Whip Hand Cosmetiques

Start Gallery is proud to present ROYAL BLOOD featuring MALT and TEAD Opening reception Feb 4 from 6-10pm

If you can't make it to the physical opening, please join us online at The online opening will launch at 6pm and give you the ability to view all the art from your browser or mobile device.

Exhibit continues through February 18

Malt Malt aka Brown Bag Detroit is a self taught artist living and working in the Detroit area. With Royal Blood, his new body of work following the “Acid Forest” series, Malt takes an indepth look inside the forest and the characters and creatures that live inside the psychedelic backdrop.

Tead A familiar face of the steadily emerging Detroit graffiti scene. Tead Nasty reveals his first endeavor into the world of fine arts by dropping his limited “Acid City Collection.” This series is a visual manifestation of his vast adventures throughout some of the Midwest’s most industrial landscapes.

Coming February 23-March 3: Beyond the Machine. The fine art creations from 25+ tattoo artists from across the Nation.

Start Gallery 206 E. Grand River Detroit MI 3139092845

This Saturday, Belle Isle becomes a global center of cool. For real.

It’s the 10th Annual “Shiver on the River.” The free “fun-for-all” is a showcase of the great things that have made Belle Isle a real-life Treasure Island.

Guests will enjoy Belle Isle activities and exhibits at the Casino, Nature Zoo, Dossin Great Lakes Maritime Museum, the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, Coast Guard Station, Boat Club and more.

With live entertainment, exhibits, displays, environmental arts and crafts, there will be loads of fun activities for people of all ages and interests throughout Belle Isle.

The programs are free and open to the public. And there’s fun all around Belle Isle:

Casino – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Coast Guard Station – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Aquarium – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Dossin Maritime Museum - 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Conservatory – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Belle Isle Nature Zoo – 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Old Belle Isle Boat Club – 12 noon – 4 p.m.

And, if conditions permit, there’ll be a Helicopter Fly-By and an Ice Rescue Demonstration, courtesy of the United States Coast Guard. Sign up for tours of the Detroit Yacht Club at the Casino.

Shiver on the River is put together by Friends of the Detroit River and the Belle Isle Conservancy, a new organization comprised of the Friends of Belle Isle, the Belle Isle Botanical Society, the Friends of the Belle Isle Aquarium, and the Belle Isle Women’s Committee.

The image is of a stained glass window at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, depicting René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, upon landing on the site where one day stand would stand.

For more information, please visit and

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On its face, the city of Detroit looks like it's on its ass: Crime, a municipal crisis and urban architectural marvels gone fallow. And yet, beneath it all, the city's harboring a creative energy that — like Berlin — could be the engine of its renaissance.

Or so says Alex Roy, on his Drive-produced road-trip show, Live and Let Drive.

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129173055_crop_650x440Bleacher Report

After a breakout 2011 campaign, the Detroit Tigers were not content enough to sit idle this off season. Though Victor Martinez was lost to a freak shuffling accident, the Tigers are a better ball club right now than they were when the season ended.

But it will take more than just the addition of Prince Fielder to get the Tigers over the hump. Breakouts from key players will be necessary if they plan on advancing to the World Series.

The emergence of Alex Avila and the return to prominence of Jhonny Peralta made last year's playoff run possible. If they are able to get similar contributions from new players this year, a World Series title would not be out of the question.

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Best Pure Michigan Ad To Date! Beer MI!


Purchase Your Tickets HERE!

Drinks x Design, presented by Detroit Creative Corridor Center (the DC3) in partnership with Quicken Loans and Metro Times has been redesigned for 2012. This year’s season of the networking series kicks off Thursday, February 9 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Skidmore Studio located at 1555 Broadway inside the M@dison Building. There is no cost to attend.

“We are expanding the offerings of Drinks x Design for this year by partnering with Detroit-based design studios to showcase the inner workings of these inspiring creative centers of local commerce and design,” said Matthew Clayson, Director of the DC3. “It’s not too often creative professionals provide the opportunity to see where they develop their work, and we are honored they are offering such exclusive access for our event.”

Networking over a complimentary drink at a local establishment is still a part of the program, but new for 2012, attendees will also have the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the inner-sanctum of Detroit-based design studios.

In an open house style format; participants will be able to get an insider’s perspective of the new Skidmore Studio and meet their creative team. During February's event, on hand will be Detroit-based interior designer Patrick Thompson of Patrick Thompson Design. This DC3 Creative Venture Program participant was responsible for designing the Skidmore Studio space. Light hors d’oeurves and refreshments will also be served at the studio.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., people will then be able to make their way down the street to Detroit Beer Company, 1529 Broadway, to enjoy your first drink complements of Drinks x Design.

Metro Times & Quicken Loans are Drinks x Design sponsors and the International Interior Designers Association (IIDA) is a community partner for this month’s event.

Every second Thursday of the month through October, a new studio space and local establishment will be featured. Studios already signed-on to participate in upcoming Drinks x Design include Digitas, Signal Return, and the Virgil H. Carr Cultural Center.

21 and up welcome to attend, no RSVP necessary.

To learn more e-mail

Producers Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith presents the hit multiple Tony Award-winning Broadway musical FELA! at the historic Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, opening Tuesday, February 14th, with performances through March 4th, 2012. Fela! is the musical, based on the life of groundbreaking African composer, performer and activist Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

Fela! opened at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre to critical and audience acclaim in 2009 and subsequently received 11 Tony Award nominations. Ultimately winning three 2010 Tony Awards®, including Best Choreography, Best Costume Design and Best Sound Design.

Fela! is the true story of the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti whose soulful Afrobeat rhythms ignited a generation, is a triumphant tale of courage, passion and love, featuring Kuti’s captivating music and the visionary direction and choreography of Tony Award-winner Bill T. Jones.

Inspired by his mother, a civil rights champion, Kuti defied a corrupt and oppressive military government and devoted his life and music to the struggle for freedom and human dignity.

The Music Hall performances will feature the best of both the Broadway and London casts as the theater will be transformed into the set of a Fela Kuti stadium concert in 1976. The kinetic and sensual Afrobeat rhythms provide a mesmerizing soundtrack which help tell the story of this phenomenal musician, composer, agitprop firebrand, human rights pioneer and husband to as many of 27 wives, who not only changed the face of music, but also his home country of Nigeria.

*FELA! Performance Schedule*

Tuesdays -- Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm, Sundays at 3pm & 7:30pm

Tickets are $30, $40, $50, $75, $100
Music Hall Box Office 313 887-8501 or

For more information vista for all things Fela! Detroit

Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts Jazz Café
350 Madison Detroit, MI 48226 (313) 887-8501

First-of-its-kind app will be used to give away thousands of prizes during this Sunday's big game

Detroit Labs, a new tech company that creates web, iOS, and Android applications for businesses ranging from local startups to Fortune 500 companies, today announced it developed Chevrolet's "Chevy Game Time" app that will be used to give away thousands of prizes during this weekend's big game. The eight-month-old startup used its passion for Detroit, incredible technology talent, and ties to local companies to win the opportunity to build the app.

Chevrolet and its advertising agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GSP), pursued the idea for a large-scale mobile app that would engage consumers during the game and commercials through trivia, polls and drawings for 20 cars from Chevy and thousands of prizes from other game sponsors. When it came time to select a company to develop the app, GM and GSP chose Detroit Labs because of their experience and connection to Detroit, the city where the companies are located.

"It's been great to work with another Detroit-based company to bring this first-of-its-kind initiative to people across the country," said Joel Ewanick, vice president, Global Marketing, General Motors. "Detroit Labs has an experienced team that helped Chevy bring a great idea to life with the Chevy Game Time app."

GSP and Chevy representatives stopped by Detroit Labs' downtown offices multiple times a week to collaborate on the project. GSP created the look and feel of the app, while Detroit Labs was responsible for the development.

"It was exciting to partner with the talented teams at Goodby and Chevy. Their commitment to this project's success, and to keeping work in Detroit, made the end result possible," said Paul Glomski, CEO and co-founder of Detroit Labs.

GM and GSP also selected another Detroit-based company, ePrize, the largest interactive promotion agency in the world, to handle the instant win prize drawings.

In addition to the Chevy Game Time app, Detroit Labs has completed projects for a wide-range of companies including Caesars Entertainment, Stryker, Quicken Loans, Made in Detroit, and more, and has grown from four to 16 team members in just eight short months.

The company, one of many new tech startups calling downtown Detroit home, received an investment from Detroit Venture Partners (DVP), a venture capital firm that is rebuilding the city through entrepreneurial fire by funding early stage tech companies. Both companies are housed in Detroit's M@dison Building, a creative tech hub that opened in late 2011 and is home to a large assortment of promising local entrepreneurs and their budding projects and companies.

"Company co-founders Paul Glomski, Dan Ward, Henry Balanon and Nathan Hughes could have taken their startup to Silicon Valley, Chicago, or one of many other entrepreneurial hot-spots in the country," said Josh Linkner, CEO and Managing Partner of Detroit Venture Partners. "Instead the four were eager to stay in Detroit so they could do their part to help develop an innovative, tech-focused urban core where people want to live, work and play."

"In any other city we would have been one of thousands of startups just hoping to get noticed," said Ward. "Here, we're helping rebuild downtown and getting noticed by big companies that are also committed to Detroit."

The Chevy Game Time app is available in the Android Market, Apple's App Store and at For more information about Detroit Labs, visit
Daily Candy 

Motor to Motown

Honor & Folly Detroit’s rap belies its many awesome alter egos (Motown, Motor City, Paris of the West). The city buzzes with energy, thanks to a recent revitalization. We tapped Meghan McEwen, a former CS Interiors editor who now calls Detroit home, to get her picks for a perfect weekend (and threw in a few of our own). The newest, most charming place to stay is Honor & Folly. Helmed by McEwen herself, the tiny Corktown inn displays pieces designed by artists based in Detroit and throughout the Midwest.

Supino For pizza, head to Supino Pizzeria in Eastern Market. For a little bit of soul, Sunday Dinner Company serves comfort food with a side of good while employing people affected by crime and poverty (6470 East Jefferson Avenue, 313-877-9255).

71 Pop The rotating pop-up indie art shop hosts a rotating lineup of emerging artists and designers.

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Detroit City FC is a minor league soccer team that will play its inaugural season in 2012 in the National Premier Soccer League's Midwest Division. Detroit City FC will create a product that will reflect, attract, and incorporate the diverse segments of our community.

Click HERE for the game schedule!

Click HERE for tryout information!

In a unique, non-competitive show about weight loss “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” documents the amazing makeover of courageous, “super obese” people who, in an unprecedented 365 days, set out to safely lose half of their body weight, ultimately revealing an amazing metamorphosis. The term “super obese” is used to define those who exceed their estimated ideal weight by approximately 225 percent and who are roughly 200 pounds or more overweight.

Trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell (“The 650-Pound Virgin”) guides each of the eight participants through their transformation process by moving into their homes with their families or loved ones. By assuring that they have the proper nourishment and exercise movement, Chris will provide a fresh perspective to individuals whose lives have become unmanageable because of their weight.

In each of the one-hour episodes, the participants undergo a transformation not only of their bodies, but of who they are as individuals. “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” will chronicle each participant’s journey in a stand-alone episode as they go about reclaiming his or her life.

We're beginning a nationwide tour to 9 cities across the country in search of participants for season 3 of the show. Along the way we will be stopping in Chicago, Detroit and Milwaukee. Although this may not be in your immediate area, we are hoping to have some candidates travel the short distance to meet with us in an attempt to change their lives.

Candidates are asked to either attend an open call in one of the cities or send in a home tape.

Information about how to apply can be found on the official casting website at

Casting call attendees should bring a non-returnable photo. Casting Call Applications will be provided.

Our open call in Detroit: 
February 4th, 2012 
Gardner White Furniture 39453 Ford Rd. Canton, MI 48187 10am-4pm

Thursday, February 9, 2012 — February 9, 2012 
6PM - 9PM Dino's Lounge 
22740 Woodward Avenue Ferndale, MI 48220 

We’ve all had that embarrassing moment at work. You know, the one that makes you think ‘did that really just happen” while your body sweats like mad and your face turns tomato red simultaneously? Now, thanks to your friends at AIGA Detroit and Ad Craft, you can put those moments to good use at the third annual industry flavored storytelling event, themed “my most embarrassing moment on the job.”

Contestants will be given 5 minutes to tell the most awesome, hilariously embarrassing moment ever surfaced within their career. A panel of mock judges will score the stories, and winners will be given awesome prizes. Don’t feel like telling a story?

Come anyway, take in a drink (or several), cheer on our contestants and socialize with other industry dwellers.

10 dollars for Members, 15 dollars for non-members and this includes your first drink!
Register here: 

Think you have the perfect story for this? Reserve yourself a spot by emailing Alex Harvilla at 


Krush industries is building a full scale gladiator assault course in Detroit, complete with high-powered tennis ball gun, Massive obstacles, rocket launchers, tons of spandex, and WE NEED YOU!! We are going to have several qualifying events all leading up to a massive Gladiator Assault Detroit Main Event. This is art, sport, and healthy entertainment combined with more than a little humor. Come see us and our facility at Techshop Detroit.

Please send inquiries about the project to


Material cost: $4,000.00 (Steel frames for the tennis cannons, Aluminum tube for barrel assembly, air regulator and valves. This amount will cover the cost of building 4 guns.)

Obstacles and Flooring: $10,000.00

Rewards: $4,000

Advertising and PR: $2,000.00

Labor and Fees: $5000.00 (This money will provide 2 individuals $500.00 per week for 2 weeks, also will cover the 8% Kickstarter and Amazon Credit fee.)

Misc. funds.: $2500.00

Click HERE to bring Gladiator Assault Course To Detroit!


"An Empire State of Fashion"

Arte Fuse relentlessly gives you what’s the latest on all visual arts with coverage on gallery opening receptions, special museum exhibits, art fairs and the like but we love to mix things up here. In honor of upcoming Fashion Week in February, Arte Fuse decided to make a cameo appearance at an Art-Fashion Event held at the Empire Hotel last January 27, 2012. The Art of Fashion and Herbert Fox Productions with collaboration from DMA Productions, LLC held a rooftop extravaganza of an art reception featuring juried artists and two young fashion designers with a runway show.

The artworks presented were various representational or abstracts from a lively set of young artists. Presenting such works in a venue of the hotel’s rooftop can be quite a challenge but it gets the work seen. Nowadays, one must think outside of the box when it comes to organizing and having a group show. The gallery format is not the sole dictator of how art gets shown in the city. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity to stage an event where art can be seen in unlikely venues. The Art of Fashion used to have a steady venue at the Hotel Chelsea on 23rd Street but once that sold and became a private condo, the entire show must move on. This has transcended to a more daring leap into searching for other venues where even for a special one-night event can showcase the youngest and freshest talents in the New York art scene.

Clothes are a mode of self-expression just as artists express themselves through their work. It is not an unlikely pairing to have fashion be a tandem to art on this very night. The Young Designer’s Showcase featured the work of two designers on the cusp of staking their claim on the glamorous but tempestuous world of New York fashion. First is a fresh talent motoring her way from Detroit, Michigan is the unique funky styles of Fotoula Lambros Design. Her garments can be worn in infinite possibilities plus it is made from sustainable/organic fabrics. The whole design firm is based in Motor City and they plan to make a major presence in the Empire State. Second to present is a local designer from Brooklyn – Bianca Frazier of Strange Vixens Inc. Her take is the Mod inspired 1960’s with her playful lingerie ensembles and party wear. Fashion models were booked by DMA as well. It felt officially the start of Fashion Week and it just whets your appetite.

A lot of the common stories from the people attending is that they’re all from the other parts of the country but chose to follow their passions. This is the American way and very much the drive of why a lot of hopeful creative types take their chance here in New York City. Art & Fashion are two worlds intricately woven into the glittering tapestry of what makes this city so alluring.

Event was held at rooftop of: The Empire Hotel. 44 West 63rd Street. NYC, NY 10023 (between Columbus & Broadway)