Detroit was one of the hardest-hit cities in America during the recession.

Its auto industry, which helped build America's middle class, needed multiple government bailouts. Unemployment rose to 20% in the city in 2011, but could have been as high as 50% if you include people who stopped looking for work.

But every bad situation has a silver lining. The lack of enterprise and abundance of failed businesses left great opportunities for newer and cooler businesses.

From restaurants and bars to bike shops and tech startups, these are the coolest businesses in Detroit.

You Never Know Who You'll Run Into Shopping At Hugh
#12 Hugh 

4240 Cass Ave.

What it is: A furniture and barware store that evokes "classic bachelor pad style"

Why it's cool: Hugh sells furniture, barware, and accessories that pay homage to the Old Hollywood era. The idea is to invite customers to live their very own version of Mad Men by purchasing household items that, as owner Joe Posch describes it, are inspired by "classic bachelor pad style." Customers can buy items like vintage champagne buckets, stainless steel cocktail shakers, and shaving brushes and razors.

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