10. Light rail is coming to Detroit 
Light rail is coming to Detroit

In January, US Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a federal commitment of $25 million to the M-1 Rail project, thus tentatively setting construction to begin in the summer for the 3 mile stretch of rail between downtown and New Center. Gone will be the days when Detroit's only rail transit is a glorified amusement park ride!

9. Detroit inspires the world's music 
Detroit inspires the world's music

Though Diana and Stevie aren't at the top of the charts, Motown lives on in hip hop, pop and R&B music every time you hear the likes of Beyonce and India.Arie. This sound is inherently tied to Detroit and people know it. Next time you're playing DJ at a party, put on "Baby Love" and count how many people don't sing along. My prediction: zero. If it's more than that, you might want new friends.

8. Detroit is a living museum of 20th Century architecture 
Detroit is a living museum of 20th Century architecture

Perhaps no where else in the world can one so easily access some of the greatest pieces of early 20th Century architecture than in Detroit. You can literally walk into the Guardian Building - a world-renowned Art Deco masterpiece - and snap a photo, hit the ATM and buy a cup of coffee in less time than it would take to navigate around the throngs of tourists at 30 Rock, let alone the security. I'll use all that extra time to watch Liz and Jack deal with New York on TV, thankyouverymuch.

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