We asked bloggers nationwide to share can't-miss, off-the-beaten-path summer destinations in their home states. Here's the ultimate list of sites to see, places to shop, and plans to make before September.

Honor & Folly, a tiny inn in Detroit's historic Corktown, charms guests and locals alike with its creative design, great location, and even cooking classes. The two-bedroom apartment sits above popular eatery Slows Bar-B-Q and is decorated with goods made by Detroit- and other Midwest-based designers and artisans — much of which is for sale.

"The food and drink options aren't limited to barbecue — there's a craft cocktail bar (The Sugar House), an independent coffee shop (Astro Coffee) that sells out-of-this-world baked goods, and a gourmet burger joint (Mercury Burger Bar) across the street," says culinary adventuress Noëlle Lothamer, of Simmer Down.

2132 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI; for inquiries and reservations, email honorfolly@gmail.com

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