Tashmoo Biergarten is Baaaack This Weekend!

Aaron Wagner
Ask any of last years’ patrons about Tashmoo Biergarten and you’ll know they were chomping at the bit for another round almost as soon as last season ended. That’s why this year, Tashmoo Biergarten is taking its game to another level and opening up for a special session - May 19 and 20 - at its home on Van Dyke in West Village.

Scheduled to coincide with the Villages Lonely Homes Tour, Tashmoo co-founder Aaron Wagner says it was a natural fit – more than 7,500 visited the biergarten during its five-weekend run in fall 2011.

“That kind of foot traffic – if even for a couple of days – is part of what makes Tashmoo so great,” he says. “People came to the Villages from all over to join us for a drink, and they got to see that Detroit is an amazing place worth visiting, and even moving to.”

The spring biergarten will feature three of the same food vendors as last year – People’s Pierogi Collective, Pork Town Sausage and Corridor Sausage Co. – with new items on the menu.

The biergarten will also feature a new variety of Michigan bier – all session brews, which are traditionally around 4-percent alcohol by volume. Bier can only be ordered with tickets purchased at the door, but food can be purchased with cash. (Wagner says anyone interested in becoming a vendor for Tashmoo can send him a note at guten-tag@tashmoodetroit.com).

Though this event is only a two-day affair, Wagner says Team Tashmoo is actively planning for its next phase. “The pop up style biergarten was always our first phase of the plan, and we’ll be back in the fall,” he says. “But we are now in the process of developing a three-season permanent biergarten.”

As always, Tashmoo Biergarten is a family-friendly event. Patrons can enjoy the same great games – from Cornhole to Candy Land. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and dogs are not allowed.

Tashmoo Biergarten Spring Fling takes place Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, from noon – 9 p.m. at 1420 Van Dyke (Between Agnes and Coe), Detroit. For updates, join our Facebook page at http://fb.com/tashmoodetroit. To volunteer during the event, contact our volunteer coordination partner, the Waldorf School, at development@detroitwaldorf.org.


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