Where in Detroit is Hung's Ray Drecker?

By Laura Sternburg

In more ways than one, Ray Drecker, the lead character and aspiring prostitute in HBO’s Hung, certainly gets around. The show is set and largely filmed in and around the Detroit area. I have to admit, I started watching the show because it leads into the wildly popular Entourage. When I noticed that Detroit was featured prominently in the show's opening credits, however, spotting shooting locations immediately added a new dimension to my viewing experience. As it turns out, however, I’m hooked; Hung is a pretty original show.

So what Detroit area locations have been used in the show? In episodes four through eight, Ray and company eat out a lot and several Detroit area restaurants are featured. Episode five featured the Kodiak Creek Inn on Cooley Lake in Commerce Township, a lodge-type restaurant decorated with a large, stone fireplace; a lofty, wooden ceiling; and various animal heads. I’m guessing the other restaurants in the episode are in Frankenmuth, at least given the Bavarian-type waitress outfits. The Town Pump Tavern in downtown Detroit’s theatre district was featured in Episode six, as was an as yet unidentified Middle Eastern restaurant. The Portofino Italian Restaurant (home to the Portofino Friendship Cruise on the Detroit River) in Wyandotte was featured in episode seven and the Gusoline Alley Bar in Royal Oak in episode eight.

I couldn’t quite figure out where the Farmer’s Market was located in episode seven, and I got a little obsessed trying to figure out – with no luck -- where the office building with the address “21600” might be located from episodes six and eight. I’m pretty sure, however, that the beach scene in episode five was at Metro Beach.

So, what (or where) did you spot?


Anonymous said...

Belle Isle in episode 2 or 3.
Redford Theater in Detroit in episode 10. Lahser just north of Grand River. But that was obvious ;).

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