The Inaugural “Bike the Bridge” Bicycle Tour will be starting at Rivard Plaza in Detroit (near the Wheel House Bicycle Shop).

We will be departing early on Sunday, September 6, and riding over to the Ambassador Bridge as a group.
After riding across the Bridge (which has not had a bicycle on it in 30 years), Windsor Cycling Club will be will be taking us on a tour of historic Old Sandwich Town in Windsor, a remarkable stop on the Underground Railroad.

We will then proceed along Riverside Drive to Lansperry Park along the Detroit River for a breakfast provided by Tres Beans Coffee House of Windsor, and enjoy the waterfront and the morning.

After being able to lock your bike up in a controlled environment, it's a short walk to one of the Biggest Bicycle Races in Canada, in Windsor's own Little Italy. At 3 p.m., we will make the return trip to the USA.

The ride will be less than 20 miles. Any funds after all expenses are paid by the Tour will be donated to Detroit Trails. Hopefully, we will have great weather and a great time for all!


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