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Standby, Detroit

A bar catering to the creative drinker in Detroit's revitalized arts district
 If we gave you directions to Standby in Detroit, it would be something like: Go downtown, turn up an old alley, and then walk straight into an elevator shaft. You’re so in, right? OK, so it’s true that Standby is located behind some strange doors in an alleyway downtown, but it’s a really well lit alleyway! In fact, this strip—known as The Belt—is actually a bustling public art space for the city’s hip, creative class. And Standby is the bar for the creative drinker.
In this sleek space, owner Joe Robinson and his bar team make libations with the strangest ingredients they can find. “Anything I’m unfamiliar with I’m always eager to work with,” Robinson says. Oftentimes he takes field trips to the Asian food markets in nearby Madison Heights looking for unique flavors. On the current menu, their drinks include everything from chrysanthemum flower syrup to milk-washed, black tea gin.
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