Photo:  Detroit River Front Conservancy 

The Guardian asked their readers for stories of urban wandering, and they shared their favourite city walks – from Dublin to Detroit – that explore history, culture and nature.

Detroit, Michigan 

A walk along the downtown waterfront shows many facets of urban space and life. Along the water is a mix of renovated spaces and outdated factories built at the height of the industrial era. The contrast opens the mind to the challenges and changes in cities. A block off the water is the entrance into the thriving downtown that was thought to be dead just a decade ago. Excitement and energy are all around.

The architecture is a mix of 1920s art deco, mid-century modern and new. Wandering in and out of the grand buildings is an experience everyone can enjoy. The attention to detail and the enormous skills of the craftsman who built these icons is on full display. Everything is within a mile. Most of it is pedestrian friendly. All of it is enlightening. (Daniel Gilmartin)

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