Photo: Putnam Weekley 

Say what you want about the Brooklynification of Detroit, but if you’re going to have cocktails, Gold Cash Gold is your spot. It also might be one of the only restaurants in the country to have a feminist happy hour.

I saw it first on Instagram, when a friend posted the menu from Gold Cash Gold (named after the pawn shop it replaced) recently, announcing an “Oysters for Equality” special. I had to know more. Mainly because I could eat 27 oysters if placed in front of me, but equality is nice, too. The special gives 23 percent off oysters and beverages for all women every Friday late afternoon—representing the gender pay gap, women making .77 cents on the dollar that men earn. Changing the status quo, one hopeful, slimy, briny oyster at a time.

“We were reading about these spontaneous protests that were happening at different small businesses around the country to bring awareness to the pay inequality issue,” said co-owner Toby Barlow about why they started the special. “There was a record company in Portland and a bar in Brooklyn, seemed like an important issue that Gold Cash Gold could have some fun with. We work in a town with some amazing women and we want to celebrate them every chance we can.”

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