Gold Cash Gold today announced that their new happy hour will be known as “Oysters for Equality”. Beginning July 24th (this Friday!) Gold Cash Gold will host the “Oysters for Equality” on every Friday. From 4 pm- 6 pm, drinks will cost 77% of their full price for women, mirroring the pay gap the currently exists between women and men in the U.S.

“We don’t get why the pay gap exists, it seems disrespectful and stupid” said Toby Barlow, one of the partners in the restaurant, “We’re happy to join the greater effort to highlight the problem.”

Building on events that have been held at various institutions around country, including a discount at M’lady Records & the one-time event at The Way Station Bar in New York, Gold Cash Gold says it plans to keep hosting “Oysters for Equality” for the foreseeable future.

“Who knows how long the pay gap will take to fix.” said April Boyle, another partner in the restaurant, “So we’ll do this for awhile and see if we can bring some attention to the inequity issue. And maybe have some fun too.”

Corktown’s Gold Cash Gold opened in November with chef Josh Stockton serving farmstead cuisine that includes pickle brine fried chicken, flat iron steak, papardelle pasta, and a low country cioppino.

Their celebrated cocktail list includes the Pinky Ring (scotch, mescal, honey) the Mink Stole (Our/Detroit vodka, grapefruit bitters) and the Lawn Flamingo (house-made sangria.)

There will be an expanded bar menu for the Happy Hour, including fresh oysters.


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