17 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Michigan

Of the fifty states in the US, there’s one in particular that stands out like a sore thumb. Not for its beauty, mind you, but for other reasons. None of them positive.

1. Consider this a PSA to everyone thinking about visiting Michigan: just don’t.

Flickr: Richard Thompson

Grand Portal Point, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Lake Superior

2. Going there could not be a more colossally dumb idea.


Forest road

3. It’s not the type of place you’d want to go to unwind.

Flickr: Leon Reed

Needle Rock, Mackinac Island

4. Nothing ever happens there, apparently.

Flickr: Wes Iversen

“Balloon Glow”, Frankenmuth

5. Do the locals just take up knitting to entertain themselves? I wonder.


Diving in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Lake Huron

6. They have just given up on trying to make the place attractive to visitors.


Mackinac Island
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