Every Saturday, on the same street corner, the nonprofit group Elevate Detroit hosts a CommuniD BBQ for the homeless. For eight years, the BBQ has run entirely on pure generosity. It feeds almost 200 homeless people every week in downtown Detroit. This gathering has become a staple in the neighborhood and an incredible testament to Detroit pride.

Now, due to new property restructuring, the BBQ is losing its location. The local community has come to rely on this gathering as a not only a source of food but a place of support and positive encouragement. Let’s give the BBQ a permanent home!

Here's how you can help...
I need to raise $10,000 in 24 hours to help save the BBQ! We’ll find a new location, clean up the property, and outfit the BBQ with everything it needs to continue feeding the homeless.

Be a donor and we'll show you the immediate impact...
As soon as the funds are raised, we’ll get to work and shoot a video to show how your donation directly helped the BBQ. Here’s how your donation will help:

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