Michael Keaton And J.K. Simmons Preview Their Trip To ‘Kong: Skull Island’
Kong collides with Detroit in the new movie, according to Simmons.

Whether it’s called “King Kong,” “Skull Island,” or even “King Kong and the Skull Island Family Band,” the title doesn’t change the fact that Golden Globe winners J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton have a hot date with the legendary ape.

Simmons and Keaton, along with “Avengers” villain Tom Hiddleston, are the stars of Legendary’s upcoming King Kong movie, currently going by the name “Kong: Skull Island.” For his part, Simmons isn’t still entirely sure what to call it.

“It’ll have something about King Kong and/or Skull Island in the title,” he told MTV on the Golden Globes red carpet, not long before winning the Best Supporting Actor trophy for his work in “Whiplash.”

But even if he’s not certain about the title, Simmons is sure about the film’s location: Detroit, Michigan. According to the actor, “Skull Island” takes place, at least partly, in Detroit in 1971.

“It’s where I grew up,” he said, “and we’re going to shoot in Detroit during baseball season, so I’ll get to go to Tigers games. There’s a lot to like about [making] this movie.”

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