The Nickel Tour: Though 2015 promises much change for cities around the world, these six are set to see the most profound transformations.

We expect 2015 to bring a lot of great things for cities and the people that live in them.

But there are some metropolitan areas that stand out among the rest. Here are the areas we’re looking forward to watching in 2015.

Detroit, Michigan

Yes, Detroit. It’d be accurate to say we like underdogs. But we have good reasons.

Sure, the city spent 16 months in bankruptcy, a relatively short stint given the size of Detroit, and the scope of their financial woes (especially relative to other cities that have faced bankruptcy in recent years).

But it recently put a plan in motion to clear approximately three quarters of the city’s overall debt. It’s reviving its arts scene, too, not only by taking its museum out of city control and putting it into a charitable trust, but also by turning empty alleyways into galleries and live performance spaces.

The “motor city” is also becoming a hub for, of all things, bicycle manufacturing, an industry that, believe it or not, is largely outsourced to other countries. Seven such companies have popped up in Detroit in the past year, Forbes reports. One of them hopes to make 50,000 bikes a year alone.

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