In an effort to educate families on the importance of healthy habits, the Michigan Science Center (MiSci) will host the traveling exhibits, “Eat Well, Play Well” and “Moneyville” from Jan. 24 – May 3, 2015. “Eat Well, Play Well,” sponsored by the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), is bilingual (English/Spanish) and will give families, children and school groups the opportunity to examine healthy living strategies through hands-on activities and interactive displays. “Moneyville,” sponsored by Bank of America, uses engaging simulations, games and more to promote economic literacy at a young age. Due to the two principal sponsors, the exhibits are free to museum attendees with the purchase of general admission.

“We cannot think of a better time of the year for these informative, yet playful exhibits to visit us,” said Dr. Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of the Michigan Science Center. “The New Year is about reinvention and beginning anew. With the support of the DMC and Bank of America, we want to help metro Detroiters rethink how they can improve their well-being, for their families and themselves, and have fun doing it.”

“Eat Well, Play Well”
The highly engaging exhibit encourages the development of healthy lifestyles by teaching the science of making nutritional food selections, as well as helping children and adults discover the many fun and interesting ways to stay active. Within the exhibit, visitors will see firsthand what it takes to burn off calories, learn what appropriate serving sizes looks like, review the latest clinical research on healthy living, test their flexibility and balance and, ultimately, become empowered to make more informed, health-conscious decisions.

The exhibit will showcase 22 interactive areas.

Highlights include:

Dinner Theater – where visitors use colorful foods to perform their own plays about the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.
Hunger Signals – a computer game where users guide a character through a day of eating snacks and meals, teaching them the implications of food choices.
Animal Motion – where visitors are encouraged to put on their favorite animal costume and hop like a bunny, walk like an elephant or just dance to the music.

"The DMC is proud to sponsor the 'Eat Well, Play Well' exhibit in our ongoing commitment to provide healthy programming throughout the region," said DMC Chief Administration Officer, Conrad Mallett. "We are pleased to partner with the Michigan Science Center to engage with visitors in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, the first step and a critical component for creating and strengthening vibrant, healthy communities."

In addition to the exhibit’s educational elements, Dr. Reginald Eadie, CEO of DMC Harper University Hospital and DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital and author of “How to Eat & Live Longer,” will be speaking at MiSci’s member preview event on Saturday, Jan. 24.


Families will have the opportunity to explore the history, science, math and economics behind money through the exhibit’s immersive environment. Visitors will travel through five major exhibition areas where they will experience hands-on tours of a bank, stock market, money factory, shopping district, international shipping dock and anti-counterfeiting lab. As guests interact with the various activities and simulations, they will discover and enhance economic concepts as well as improve their math skills and problem-solving strategies.

The five major exhibition areas include:

·         The Money Factory – visitors will examine the science and technology behind money through activities like creating “money” of their own and learning how to differentiate real and counterfeit money.
·         The Bank – a display in which the concepts of compound interest, saving, borrowing and lending are introduced to participants. A see-through safe also will be at this location, displaying what $1 million looks like.
·         To Market, To Market – guests are invited to run a lemonade stand, open shop in a farmers’ market and more to gain an understanding of prices, supply, demand and the stock market.
·         Dollars and Sense – a station that challenges visitors to take on money management in the context of grocery shopping, balancing household budgets and the real cost of credit.
·         Global Trade – a series of games where players explore the interdependence of international trade and markets, and how it affects wealth distribution around the globe. Participants can guess the identities of mysterious imports and view how family possessions vary as geographic location and cultures change.


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