14 Things Detroiters Should Be Thankful For In 2014

Photo: http://www.acronymcreativestudio.com/

1. Lions Are In The Playoffs!


2. Actors Filming Big Budget Movies In Detroit Are Still Falling In Love With The City

First Came Jimmy Fallon and Michael Ceria

Then Came Ryan Goseling

Then Came Ben Affleck In The Batmobile 

3. We No Longer Have To Leave Belle Isle To Use The Bathroom

4. Murder Rate Is The Lowest Since 1967

5. Residential Rental Rates Are Now $2 Sq/Ft

6. M1 Is No Longer A Pipe Dream. Chooo Choooo!

Maybe John Varvatos will sell some snazzy conductor hats come this spring......

7. 14 Restaurants Opened in 2014

A photo posted by Erin Rose (@positivedetroit) on

8. The Bankruptcy Inspired Some Cool Art

Jerry Vile is fah-qing awesome.  In 2014, he set up 100 plastic vultures and this sign on the DIA's lawn:



In 2013, he also placed these around Detroit soon after the bankruptcy was announced:

Giant Crisco container under the Fist of Detroit

Hung "Sale" price tags on Detroit Landmarks

9. And Then There Was Light....

10. Construction Cranes Are Now Part Of The Detroit Skyline

The David Whitney "Before" Photo, Photo Credit:  http://fadeddetroit.blogspot.com/

11. You Don't Have To Leave The City For A Slurpee Fix

12. Terms Like "Food Desert" And "Ruin Porn" Are So 2012

13. People Really Do Vacation In Detroit 

14.  Kevyn Orr Resigned 


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