From Henry Ford to Motown’s Barry Gordy, Thomas Edison to Jerry Bruckheimer, the Detroit area has long been home to big thinkers, game changers, and rebels with a cause. Maybe it’s something in the lake water, or maybe it’s a reaction to the harsh winters and harsher realities—either way, Detroit has produced more than it’s share of entrepreneurs. There is something about the city (and its very public problems) that creates people who are able to step up and come up with solutions. From small business creators, artists, and community builders, Detroit has a whole new breed of innovators ready to lead the way.

Amy Kaherl

Image via Detroit Soup

Soup is a simple dish with almost magical qualities. Throw a bunch of random scraps and ingredients together and the next thing you know you've got a delicious meal. That’s just what Amy Kaherl is trying to do with the people of Detroit, bringing them all together to see what magical things transpire. She’ll even feed them some soup. Amy is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Her project, Detroit SOUP, has a simple mission: throw a monthly dinner party, invite four groups to come present their business plans, then have the diners vote, with the winner getting the donation money to start making their dreams into realities.

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