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If your 'hood is on this list, congratulations, you’re probably gaining weight, as we made sure every neighborhood is fantastic to eat and drink in. And once we’d narrowed it down to our top 18, we examined two major factors to determine placement: 1) culinary history, and 2) what’s happening now. The first factor is important because -- as much as we love knowing about the new, cool spots popping up in changing neighborhoods -- it’s just as important to us that these 'hoods maintain some semblance of a connection with their food history. And the second is obviously critical because that history is constantly being rewritten by new chefs and bartenders with crazy, innovative ideas, and lots and lots of mezcal.

As this does exist on the Internet, there will be disagreements, and we encourage you to express them using your inside voice in the comments. But until then, put on your most comfortable Skechers walking shoes and some loose pants, and get ready to enjoy the best food and drink ‘hoods in the land of the free:

15. Corktown
Detroit, MI

Detroit’s historic Corktown may be the city’s oldest neighborhood, but it’s also at the forefront of the D’s new food frontiers. The stretch alongside Michigan Ave, in particular, is exploding with flavor, courtesy of the newly legendary Slows Bar BQ, farm-fresh upscale Southern fare at Gold Cash Gold, and Italian at Ottavia, all of which pair perfectly with after-dinner cocktails at Sugar House. Want a burger? Three of Motown’s best -- Mercury Burger Bar, Nemo’s, and St. Cece’s -- are in Corktown. Deli sandwiches? Get one of the city’s best at Mudgie's, and pair it with one of the 100+ craft beers on offer. And if you need a coney -- and trust us, you always need a coney -- Onassis has your back.

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