Detroit Tigers players, including Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Tori Hunter, pose in their Zubaz outfits May 18, 2014. 

Sports teams often adopt fashion styles, a way for the players to bond. Baseball’s Detroit Tigers are finding unity through flashy retro attire – Zubaz.

 Zubaz, clothing featuring colorful Zebra-like stripes, were popular during the early 1990s, especially for athletes. But eventually the fad ended, and people went back to wearing solid-colored pants and shorts and bandannas, and the world became a duller place.

 The Tigers are reveling in Zubaz fashion, making the clothing a locker-room necessity. It started with pitcher Joba Chamberlain, who bought pairs and pairs of Zubaz at the beginning of the month, right around the time the team held a “Zubazpalooza” event for fans.

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