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The Leary Firefighters Foundation (LFF) presented more than $260,000 worth of new equipment today to the dedicated men and women of the Detroit Fire Department.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit Fire Commissioner Edsel Jenkins accepted the donation from acclaimed actor Denis Leary this morning at Engine Co. 9 on E. Lafayette in Detroit. Attendees included BURN Directors/Producers Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez, BURN Executive Producer Jim Serpico, Detroit Firefighters and participants in the film.

The state-of-the-art fire gear was purchased with proceeds from the highly acclaimed Detroit firefighter documentary, BURN.

“Each time we are blessed with the ability to donate funds which will help the brave and courageous firefighters of this country, we do so with gratitude and admiration,” said Leary. “Every dollar makes a difference. I've had the opportunity to meet and spend time with the firefighters featured in our film BURN and I know the circumstances they work under. I sincerely hope this gift can aid them and their fellow firefighters in making improvements on the job.”

Representatives from LFF and BURN worked with DFD officials to identify the gear needed most from manufacturer Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) and DFD’s local supplier Apollo Fire Equipment Company. The donation included Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Thermal Imaging Cameras, purchased through a partnership with MSA.

Inspired by the commitment made by LFF and BURN to the DFD, CMC Rescue Equipment and Kask America independently donated $15,000 of high-angle rescue gear.

“It is clear from their documentary and generous donation today just how deeply Denis Leary and his partners care for Detroit's firefighters and firefighters everywhere,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “The BURN documentary brought to the public's attention the challenges our firefighters face every day. These donations from the Leary Firefighters Foundation and others do something very real to help them in their life saving work.”

“We are very appreciative for all that the BURN film and The Leary Firefighters Foundation has done to be able to provide this generous gift to our department,” said Detroit Fire Commissioner Jenkins. “Our dedicated crews of men and women who risk their lives each day to serve the citizens of Detroit will make great use of this brand new equipment.”

“BURN is the firefighters’ story, we just helped them tell it,” said Putnam. “From the beginning, we knew we wanted to give back. But we never thought the give would be this big,” Sanchez continued. “When no one wanted to distribute BURN, we worked our tails off to self-distribute it. Independent films rarely make a profit. We made damn sure this one would, so we could make good on our promise to give back. We are eternally grateful to the men and women of the DFD for their tremendous trust and support in making this film.”

About The Leary Firefighters Foundation

The Leary Firefighters Foundation provides funding and resources for fire departments to get the best available equipment, technology and training necessary for the health and safety of firefighters and in turn, the public they serve.

Founded in 2000 by actor Denis Leary in response to the 1999 Cold Storage Warehouse fire tragedy in his native Worcester, Massachusetts, LFF has raised more than $10 million for first responders in Worcester, Boston, New York, New Jersey and New Orleans.

The Leary Firefighter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Code. Please visit the Foundation at www.learyfirefighters.org.

About BURN

BURN is an award-winning, action-packed documentary, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters. Every shift, Detroit firefighters put their lives on the line for the city, resolved they can make a difference. The film was directed and produced by Tom Putnam and Detroit native Brenna Sanchez.


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