Ford F-150 trucks during the the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 13
Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Over the course of the 13-day show, which ended Sunday, some 24,080 messages posted on Twitter (TWTR) crowed about Ford’s lineup, more than triple the tally of Toyota Motor’s (TM) Lexus, the next most-discussed brand, according to analysis for Bloomberg Businessweek by Networked Insights, a company that helps major brands craft digital-marketing strategies. Here’s how the field finished in terms of Twitter volume in Detroit:

1) Ford: 24,080

2) Lexus: 7,460

3) BMW: 7,030

4) Mercedes: 6,220

5) Chevrolet: 6,180

6) Toyota: 5,960

7) Audi: 5,610

8) Nissan: 5,270

9) Porsche: 5,160

10) Cadillac: 3,570

The Twitter traffic wasn’t entirely surprising given Ford’s schedule for the all-important auto show. Its unveiling of its new F-150 pickup on Jan. 13 was one of the first and most anticipated revelations of the event. Ford’s new Mustang, which was first shown in December, also drove a lot of online updates, roughly one-third of Ford’s total social buzz, according to Networked Insights.

But it wasn't just the splashy new cars that made the difference for Ford—after all, virtually every car company had a shiny new ride to crow about in Detroit. Mercedes (DAI:GR) even hired singer Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame, to give an encore at a press conference held by its chief executive.

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