Packard Plant Development In The Works (video)????

The skeletal remains of the rusting Packard plant in Detroit might soon have a new owner.

Built in 1911 by the legendary architect Albert Kahn, the factory produced luxurious automobiles throughout the early 1900s. It has since fallen into ruin, becoming a mecca for urban explorers and metal scrappers.

Although there have been previous talks and plans proposed for the plant (from Phil Cooley to the current owner) the newest has been spearheaded by Bill Hults, a developer from Evanston, Ill.

According to Christine Macdonald at the Detroit News, Hults wants to rehabilitate the deteriorating structure and save as many of the buildings as possible. Nearby, he wants to build multi-family housing and envisions turning the area into a mixed-use development with businesses, shops, and restaurants.

Skeptics might think the Packard Plant is beyond repair, but Hults believes otherwise. He has retained the same architectural firm that built the original – Albert Kahn Associates – and they insist that the concrete “bones” of the building are still holding up.

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