NPR: Not All The News About Detroit Is Bad

Even as newscasts and newssites are using Detroit's bankruptcy filing to talk about Motown's "meltdown," we've found these stories:

-- "What Detroit Has Going For It." Brookings Institution fellow Jennifer Bradley tells The Washington Post that in the city's "downtown/midtown area, along the Woodward corridor spine ... there's a lot of good stuff happening."

-- "For Detroit, This May Be A Real Comeback." MSN News writes that "described as the epitome of dire straits and decimated by financial ruin, the city is actually steeped in a promising revival. Really."

-- "City Benefits From Strength Of Orr's Preparation." Detroit Free Press columnist Stephen Henderson looks at the work done by the city's state-appointed emergency manager, Kevyn Orr.

-- "5 Reasons Not To Give Up On Detroit." MarketWatch takes a detour from the serious financial issues to focus more on cultural matters. Detroit, it declares, is 1) a great sports town; 2) a great music town (from The Supremes to Kid Rock and more); 3) home to "glorious, if often desolate, art deco high-rises; 4) a great party town; and 5) the place for "the best Greek food this side of Heraklion."

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