By Larry Lage
AP Sports Writer

Jalen Rose could live comfortably off the millions he made in the NBA and the money he makes now as an ESPN Analyst.

The former Michigan and NBA standout created a foundation in 2000 that has helped 40 students attend college with scholarships, giving back in a way that shows he's thankful for his good fortune.

Rose, though, is motivated to do much more.

He has lately dedicated a great deal of his time and resources to creating the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, an open-enrollment, tuition-free charter school in his hometown of Detroit.

"Instead of trying to help five kids go to college each year, now I'm trying to help 120," Rose said.

Rose said 120 students have been selected by lottery to be the first ninth-graders at the high school. He said he wants to raise $10 million by 2013 to develop a school for 480 students that will compete with the best private institutions in the state.

Rose raised some money Monday at a golf event and has also gotten financial commitments from people such as one of his mentors, Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas.

"I think what Jalen is doing is great, so I'm trying to help him get the project off the ground with some of my resources," Thomas said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "The more athletes can re-connect with their communities the better off we'll all be. Some of us do a lot, and some of us don't do enough."

Rose said he has been inspired by what Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson and tennis Hall of Famer Andre Agassi have done with schools in Sacramento and Las Vegas along with a program for kids run by Hall of Famer George Gervin in San Antonio.

Students in Detroit have been looking for an alternative.

One of the nation's worst public school systems graduates about 60 percent of its students, leading to its enrollment dropping about 30 percent in four years. Parents have been sending their kids to public and private schools in the suburbs along with charters in and out of the city.

The 38-year-old Rose is the founder of the school and he'll also be a teacher of sorts, helping his students learn life lessons such as the one he experienced after pleading guilty to drunken driving earlier this year.

"Life is really not what necessarily happens to you, it's what you do about it," Rose said. "When you have failures, a measure of a person is how you respond. I 'm no different. Being a testimony means a lot more than talking about something that you've never been through. ... I can tell you it won't happen again."

The Associated Press
By Mike Householder

The Obama administration is launching a pilot program designed to spark economic growth in urban America by partnering federal officials with local decision-makers in six cities, the U.S Housing and Urban Development secretary announced Monday.

"Too often, the federal government has been part of the problem, rather than part of the solution," HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan said during a news event in Detroit at which he unveiled the Strong Cities, Strong Communities plan.

The idea, Donovan said, is to create what he called , which will have employees from several different federal agencies work directly with local officials in Detroit; Chester, Pa.; Fresno, Calif.; Memphis, Tenn.; Cleveland and New Orleans.

The teams will be asked to help the six cities with issues their mayors have identified as important, such as developing transportation infrastructure and improving job-training programs.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who was on hand for Donovan's announcement, said he's excited to receive a different kind of investment from the U.S. government -- human capital -- rather than money that in the past hasn't always been managed efficiently by city leaders.

"One of the things that's happened historically with Detroit is that we've gotten financial support and we've not managed the finances very, very well," Bing said. "When I came into office, there was money that had been allocated to us years and years ago."

Donovan made the announcement at a loft development near downtown.

Update: Yes, the new “Evil Dead” movie is really for real this time and Bloody Disgusting has dug up more news on the film, revealing that Fede Alvarez will be directing the film. Who? Well, he made the hyped robot invasion short “Panic Attack!” that nabbed him a deal with Sam Raimi‘s Ghost House Pictures back in 2009. Looks like his big moment has arrived. Check out the short film below.

Who doesn’t love “The Evil Dead?” The film that launched the careers of both Sam Raimi and Joel Coen (who was an assistant editor for his pal), it remains to this day a grueling, grimy video nasty of the best kind, and was followed by a superior sequel, “Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn,” which remade the basic premise as if it was a Looney Tunes cartoon, and the enjoyable, if messy, “Army of Darkness.” It’s a franchise of the old-fashioned kind, where the central character (as embodied in the role of his career by Bruce Campbell) kept coming back because audiences demanded it, rather than because he sold toys.

It’s close to 20 years since Ash and his chainsaw last appeared (aside from in a handful of video games and comics), although rumors of a revival have been rife for years: an attempt was made to incorporate the character into the “Freddy vs. Jason” franchise, and Raimi and Campbell have constantly been hinting at a fourth film, although it seemed like the kind of “one day, we’ll get to it” answer that rarely materializes into an actual movie. Except, for once, it actually seems to be happening.

Dread Central reported last night that a fourth film is gearing up for production in Detroit, and that Raimi’s regular collaborator, editor Bob Murawski, who worked with Raimi on all three “Spider-Man” films and “Drag Me to Hell” before winning an Oscar for “The Hurt Locker,” is heading that way to work on the project. Furthermore, after saying a couple of months ago that a script was in existence, Bruce Campbell took to Twitter overnight to tell a fan, and we quote, “Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”

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The Detroit Historical Society continues its popular film series every weekend this summer from Saturday, July 9 through Sunday, September 4 with popular films from the past covering a range of Detroit history.

Each screening begins at 1 pm in the Detroit Historical Museum’s Louise C. Booth Auditorium and is free with regular admission.

Admission to the Detroit Historical Museum, located at 5401 Woodward Ave., is $6 for adults, $4 for students and seniors, and free for children ages 4 and under. Parking in the museum’s lot is $4 at all times.

The films being screened include the following:
  • “The Hudson’s Building” – July 9-10 and August 6-7
  • “Detroit Mob Confidential” – July 16-17 and August 20-21
    “Regional Roots: The Birth and Evolution of Detroit and Its People” – July 23-24, August 13-14, and September 3-4
  • Producers’ cut of “Dom Polski: Dance Hall Days of Detroit’s Polonia” – July 30-31 and August 27-28

For more information, visit or call 313-833-1801.

The DDF is a week-long festival in Detroit, including signature events that showcase Detroit design and designers, through exhibitions, installations, design shows, round table discussions, studio tours, and virtual discussions.

Through the DDF, Detroit creative practitioners will connect to each other, connect to new markets and consumers, and connect to global audiences, engaging not only Detroit’s design community, but the larger world, as Detroit becomes a global center of creative innovation.

We are looking for involvement from the following:
  •     venues
  •     artists
  •     fashion designers
  •     interior designers
  •     event designers
  •     industrial designers
  •     furniture designers
  •     chefs
  •     volunteers
  •     ..... and more!

Meetings will take place at the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, located on the first floor of the  A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education.

The first Info Session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th, at 6pm. Come on out and meet some interesting people, have a great time, and find out more about getting involved with DDF. Be prepared to have some good creative fun!


Future Info Sessions to be announced soon!

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