Pick Mi Date Turns Up The Heat For Their Next Date!

When was the last time you cut a rug with a world champion salsa dancer? That’s right, never. But because of our smooth, latin tongues, we at Pick Mi Date can make that happen. (You should really hear how we can roll our “R’s”)
So why don’t you let Pick Mi Date help you get in touch with your Latin side?
Dinner and Salsa Lessons at Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine!
Saturday, September 24 at 8:00pm!!
  • The Winning Couple Will Receive a 3 Course Cuban Dinner and Two Round of Drinks from Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine !
  • After Dinner Entertainment Salsa lessons with World Champion Salsa Dancer Victor!
  • Street and Lot Parking is Available
You Must Sign Up As a Dater By Sunday, September 18th 2011!
Voting Begins at 9am Monday, September 19th!

Directions To Register:
1. Head over to http://pickmidate.com
2. Click on the “Register To Date” Button
3. Fill Out The Most Hilarious Dating Form Online
4. Click “Submit”


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