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Meet the Founders Behind 25 Promising Companies
By Nick Leiber, Sommer Saadi, Victoria Stilwell, Joel Stonington, John Tozzi, and Venessa Wong

When asked readers over the summer to suggest the most promising companies run by entrepreneurs 25 or younger, more than 200 people responded. We've narrowed the suggestions to 25 finalists whose stories are told here. Please take a look and then vote, through Oct. 20, for the one you think is most promising. We'll announce the top five readers' picks on Oct. 27.

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Texts From Last Night
What it does: Humor blog
Founders: Lauren Leto, 24, and Ben Bator, 25
Revenue 2010: $1 million
Revenue 2011 (projected): $2 million

Intended for readers trolling for a quick laugh, Texts From Last Night is an irreverent blog that collects raunchy cell phone texts and posts selections without attribution. Started for fun in 2009 by friends Lauren Leto, now 24, and Ben Bator, now 25, while attending law school at Wayne State University in Detroit, the blog has grown into a popular franchise, including a book of the same name and paid mobile apps that have been downloaded more than 1 million times. Seizing momentum from the blog’s success, Leto has raised nearly $1 million for her latest venture, Bnter, an online software platform for individuals who want to save and share memorable text messages or other digital exchanges with friends or family. Launched in February with co-founder Patrick Moberg, 25, Leto says Bnter (pronounced Banter) will earn money through advertising. While she runs both businesses, Leto is also working on a book of essays for Harper Perennial titled Judging a Book by Its Lover. —Nick Leiber

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