The Barton McFarlane Neighborhood Association has decided to take matters of their beloved City of Detroit into their own hands.

Most major cities have hosted Taste Festivals to highlight the cuisine of local restauranteurs and to promote their city. The Barton-McFarlane Neighborhood Association has organized its own Taste Festival, known as " Taste of Soul", to spotlight the work they are doing to make improvements within their own community.

The association which boasts its own citizen radio patrol unit, afterschool tutoring programs,
and a Focus HOPE food distribution service, is putting on the "Taste of Soul" festival to raise funds for a building they wish to purchase to house the associations many programs.

The "Taste of Soul" festival will be held Saturday, July18,2009 at 8222 Joy Road on the corner of Roselawn St., from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., rain or shine. Participants can purchase food tickets for the delicacies being served by local caterers. Such mouth-watering cuisine as ribs; turkey wings; fish; chicken wings; hot dogs; Italian sausage; red beans and rice; collard greens; jalepeno cornbread; sweet potato pie; pound cake; peach cobbler; sweet tea; soda pop, and water will be available to festival participants.

"For $5.00 you receive 9 tickets, and you get to pick and choose what items you want to eat. All of the food is made from scratch, and is going to be delicious!", states festival organizer Fredia Butler.

The revenue generated to put on the festival was done soley with private donations. "We are not looking to the City of Detroit for money or a hand-out. The City just doesn't have it--the ordinary citizens have the power to make the City of Detroit a better place, this is our message." remarked Butler.

Since the mid-1960's, the Barton-McFarlane Neighborhood Association began organizing via potluck dinners in the homes of its residents. They would meet to express their concerns about the beautification and up-keep of their homes and surrounding common areas; crime prevention and the leisure activities of its residents.

The "Taste of Soul" festival is one of their more ambitious programs in recent years, but certainly not the last. "We intend to set the bar high for other neighborhoods here in Detroit. When a collective group of concerned citizens make up their minds to make change happen--there's no stopping us!", says Butler.

To learn more about the "Taste of Soul" festival, for interviews, vendor and volunteer
opportunities, call Fredia Butler, (313) 934-7048

"Taste Of Soul" Festival
Saturday, July 18, 2009
10am until 7pm
Rain or Shine


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