Apartment Living Thrives in Detroit

Paul Billeci
The South End

With rental fees of $870 to $1395, does the convenience of apartment living look like a great deal for Wayne State students?

Illya Hudson, leasing consultant for Studio One Apartments, located at 4501 Woodward Ave., is still hopeful.

“Fortunately for Studio One, we are still at 96 percent capacity. It really has to do with the location of the apartments.

“Because we’re so close to Wayne, we have many med students and law students and are still getting applicants to apply for an apartment.”

Jason Peet, leasing manager for the Milton Apartments at 132 W. Willis, said he too hasn’t seen a downturn in rentals.

“I have seen no change in people or students applying for an apartment,” he said. “In fact, I feel more people are applying to rent instead of owning. It’s much easier to rent than it is to apply for a mortgage on a home.”

Living near campus provides students with not only independence, but also eliminates the long freeway drives for suburban students who live at home with family.

However, jobs with flexible schedules are at a premium in this area, and that has affected students, as well as their families.

Lauren Cusumano, 24, a student at Wayne, lived off-campus for some time but had to move back home.

“I had a job when I started renting, but now since I can’t have a steady work schedule because of school, I had to move back home,” she said. “It was easy when I lived near campus and had a five-minute drive, now I have a 45 minute drive from my parent’s home to Wayne.”


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