“The Walking Man” is the story of James Robertson, who caught the attention of the national media when it was discovered that he walked 21 miles a day to keep his job in Southeastern Michigan.

For the last decade, Robertson defied sub-zero weather, 90 degree temperatures, three feet of snow, torrential downpours, and encountered physical abuse on numerous occasions, to keep his 9-5 manufacturing position in a region where the jobless rate for African Americans exceeds 25% Robertson’s story received news coverage around the world, and prompted ABC News to name him, “Person of the Week.”

This film was written by up and coming Detroit film producer, Jean-Claude Lewis, who represents the cutting edge among African American filmmakers. Lewis teamed up with twice Emmy-Nominated documentary filmmaker Brian Kruger of Stunt3 Multimedia to produce "The Walking Man." Shooting begins in the fall of 2016. James Robertson’s story is one of inspiration, perseverance, determination and loyalty, and needs be seen by as many people as possible.

Walking Man Films, the production entity formed by Lewis, who as a Disabled American Veteran, looks to raise enough money to not only shoot the film but to also provide a DVD of this film to every middle school, high school and public library in the State of Michigan.

Help make this movie reality by contributing to their GoFundMe page: 


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