The Ghostbusters saw their first ghost at the New York Public Library over 30 years ago and you thought that was the end…

We promise that this Night at the Library Tour will be one of the most exciting evenings you’ve ever had in a Library! With access to the Main Library at night, you can experience its magnificent architecture and see why it's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's favorite Detroit hangout since moving from Brooklyn.

The tour is perfect for a date night, an evening with friends or a highlight of a Detroit visit. Our docents will share with you the secrets, backstories and hidden nooks and crannies of Detroit’s acclaimed Main Library. RSVP is required, tickets will not be sold at the event.

On your special night, you can expect:
- Customization: docents pick their favorites and mix them with your interests to make a totally unique tour
- Starlight: step out on the Loggia and experience it under the stars (weather permitting)
- The smallest group size of any tours we offer
- Photo-ops: Social media -worthy Ghostbuster shots to wow your friends
- Snacks and refreshments: wine will be served (MUST BE 21+) And plenty of surprises along the way

*Standard 60min art and architecture tour with a Ghostbusters themed Happy Hour after.

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