Partners Disagree on Where to Buy Loft in Detroit

A couple looks to purchase their first loft together in Detroit, but they can't agree on the location. One wants to be a part of the rebirth of the city and buy a loft with historic charm; the other would prefer to be in an already established, walkable neighborhood outside the city. Will they be able to come to a compromise and find the perfect home for both of them?

Jun 30
10pm | 9c

From the Loft Warehouse:

Everyone knows the HGTV hit series, "HouseHunters", and many people know that The Loft Warehouse is the leading loft condo experts in Detroit - but did you know that we teamed up to bring you the season premier episode, airing on June 30th, at 10 pm EST, featuring the Coolest Lofts in Detroit !

This special episode showcases some of The Loft Warehouse's most coveted listings, and follows TLW President, Jerome Huez, as he introduces to his clients, a young couple from out of state, three distinct Detroit loft developments.

Watch the show to learn insider tips about the pro's ( and cons) of each location, and to see the difficult choices this couple face when deciding which loft to buy. And, let's celebrate the fact that Detroit real estate is enjoying some very positive attention in the national media, thanks to HGTV, and The Loft Warehouse.

If you miss the show when it airs, you can download and watch it here:


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