Detroit Launches Business Storytelling Accelerator

Entre-SLAM, an Ann Arbor based business storytelling organization, is launching a Business Storytelling Accelerator in Detroit, Michigan. They have partnered with TechTown Detroit, Dinsmore and Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses to deliver a series of competitive, business storytelling cohorts for Tech, Retail and Social Enterprise organizations.

The Entre-SLAM Business Storytelling Accelerator schedule is as follows:

  • The Tech Cohort begins June 24th
  • The Retail Cohort begins June 27th
  • The Social Enterprise Cohort begins June 28th

Each cohort will last for four weeks. Training will be held mostly at TechTown’s Junction440 at 440 Burroughs St. Detroit, Michigan 48202.

Subsidized by Entre-SLAM and partner sponsorships, cohort fees start at a low rate of $49 and go to $225. Fees covers coaching, marketing, strategy and sales training.

Interested parties can go to Entre-SLAM:

All will accomplish:

  • Discovering their 'why' and how to build a compelling, competitive narrative around it, 
  • Connecting their personal 'why' to their brand's 'why', and,
  • Building focused plans for implementing sales and digital marketing strategies.

Select candidates will be featured at the Entre-SLAM Business Storytelling Demo Day on October 5th at TechTown where the event will feature a steampunk theme. Three winners will receive valuable prizes. ‘The stories building and coming out of Detroit and the state of Michigan, by extension, are stories of resiliency, determination and tenacity. Detroit won’t stop and neither will Entre-SLAM as we join in the city’s pursuit of positioning Detroit as a viable draw for entrepreneurship.’ says Christa Chambers-Price, founder of Entre-SLAM.

“Every business has a powerful story, and that story is integral to every facet of operations,” says Bonnie Fahoome, SWOT City Portfolio Manager at TechTown. “TechTown is thrilled to be partnering with Entre-SLAM to provide Detroit entrepreneurs with the tools they need to develop and deliver their stories across channels in engaging and impactful ways.”

Since 2012 Entre-SLAM provides coaching, training and events for innovators seeking to discover their 'why,' build compelling narratives and implement them across their entire operations.


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