Between Mad Men and being the brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker, let alone the fact that she's a beautiful and charming woman, it's about impossible to not love Christina Hendricks. We caught up with her between takes of her upcoming movie (Ryan Gosling's How to Catch a Monster) to get her take on pizza, Scotch, Detroit, and the rest of Mad Men.

ESQUIRE.COM: You're in Detroit right now?
CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: I am in Detroit, yeah.

ESQ: How long have you been out there?
CH: Gosh, it's been a couple weeks.

ESQ: How are you liking it? It can be a bit of culture shock.
CH: It really is. It's unlike any American city I've ever been in. And it's a bit shocking when you first get here, but then you just discover all these great little gems about the city. But the overall appearance when you first arrive is quite shocking.

ESQ: Any go-to spots?
CH: I think I might have had the best pizza I've ever had in my life the other day at Supino. It kind of blew my mind. This is a pretty bold statement 'cause I've had many pizzas in my day, but I think this is the best I've ever had. And my husband was like, "I think you're right. I think this is the best pizza." And he used to work at pizza places, so he's like Mr. Pizza. It was amazing.

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