43. Corktown

43. Corktown 

Location: Detroit

Notable Businesses: Hostel Detroit, MGM Grand Detroit, Nancy Whiskey, Slows Bar BQ, Sugar House, Rachel's Place, Astro Coffee

Corktown is Detroit's oldest neighborhood, and today it's become a diamond in the rough—proof that the D isn't all gloom and doom. There's a non-profit youth hostel called Hostel Detroit, where beds start at $18 and the volunteers go above and beyond to make guests feel at home. If that isn't your scene, there's always the MGM Grand Detroit, which toes the line between Corktown and Downtown like a wide receiver (in this case, Calvin Johnson) trying to stay in bounds. Slows Bar BQ is arguably the best restaurant in the city, and you should try that Yardbird sandwich for confirmation, and you can hit up Nancy Whiskey to drink responsibly. Vintage rules here—clothes can be found at Rachel's Place, and books at the John K. King store. The neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, and things are steadily on the up and up. It's about time you heard about something good out of Detroit, right?

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