The Short Order: Chef Dave Mancini's Guide to Detroit 

The man behind Eastern Market's can't-miss pizza lists his summertime musts in the Motor City, proving that indeed, Detroit Lives

Photo: David Lewinski Photography 

Chef Dave Mancini Is Known For:  Running the show at Detroit's Supino Pizzeria, the best thin-crust pizza in a city overrun by thick crust pies.

Off The Menu:  You can find him sailing the Detroit River or Northern Michigan's Lake Charlevoix. 

Detroit In His Words: "I've lived here for 17 years, moving downtown for graduate school and I really loved it from the get-go.  It's not for everybody, and we do have many challenges, but there is a spirit here that is becoming more and more infectious.  The last few years have seen an influx of expat artists and entrepreneurs from all over and the mixture of creative energy from the folks that has been here with the new blood is making this a really exciting place to be right now." 

Click HERE to find out Dave's 12 'Detroit Summertime Musts' on GQ (dot) com!


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