Operation Kid Equip always has great success in rallying our community to help kids in need.

The most recent Kids Count report shows that we could be reaching out to more kids in need. Half of our state can’t cover their basic needs without assistance. More than one in every 10 kids in Michigan is living in extremely desperate circumstances.

To help meet the often overlooked, but essential school day needs of children in poverty we need to meet this increased demand locally, and we need to do more work with kids living in extreme poverty.

OKE has a new special project and they are asking for your help in this very important campaign.

There are more than 6,400 identified homeless students in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.

Many people don’t realize that a majority of homeless students still attend school, but they show up empty-handed, and aren’t able to complete their assignments. Completing homework assignments is an issue. They don’t have their own reading books. Proper hygiene can also be an issue. They’re showing up to school hungry.

This is quite a huge burden for a homeless student to bear, on top of the stresses outside of school.

We need to do something about this today.

You can help provide a backpack to each homeless student in the tri-county area. Each backpack will be filled with school supplies, books, hygiene items, clothing or food items.

We have a special purchase offer if we can meet our goal by March 15, 2012.

We need your help!

For each $10 raised, one more homeless student can receive a backpack.

We’re asking you to do two easy things right now:

Make a $10 donation to Operation: Kid Equip AND Tell 10 friends about your commitment to homeless children, and ask each of them to donate $10, too.

Invite just 10 people, or invite everyone you know. Everyone you invite to join in this campaign represents another homeless child who will receive a backpack.

The beauty is that this campaign will be fully-funded through the efforts of our volunteers and supporters.

Having the right school day supplies enable students to soar beyond just basic expectations. New possibilities are created with each student we reach.

This change starts with you, $10 and 10 people you know.

Please join in on this important campaign today.

Click HERE to Donate!


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