As part of the interactive tour, GMC has teamed up with NFL players and United Way volunteers at to build playgrounds in local communities as part of United Way’s nationwide effort to help fight childhood obesity.

GMC is funding the construction of United Way Healthy Kids Zones—Driven by GMC in each of the tour stop cities as part of United Way’s nationwide effort to get 1.9 million more kids active and healthy by 2018.

GMC and United Way for Southeastern Michigan will work with local volunteers, including Brandon Pettigrew of the Detroit Lions, to install playground equipment at Elmwood Central Park,Coleman Young Recreation in Detroit.

The United Way Healthy Kids Zones—Driven by GMC offer children the opportunity to climb, build upper body strength, promote balance and agility, and develop strength and endurance. The playground equipment, paid for by GMC and supplied by GameTime, is designed to help children develop active, healthy bodies, as well as personal and social skills. “GMC recognizes how important it is to raise awareness about the issue of childhood obesity and to create new opportunities for young people to lead healthier lifestyles,” said Craig Bierley, GMC Advertising and Sales Promotion director.

Studies show the obesity rate among children has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, with approximately 9 million American children over six years old considered obese and at high risk for health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. This is the 37th year that the NFL has joined with United Way to increase youth health and wellness.


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