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In 2010, I experienced some pretty cool "Firsts" in Detroit:
So I decided in honor of the traditional New Year's Resolution List, I would make a list of new "Firsts" I want to experience in Detroit this coming year.  So in honor of 2011, here's my Top 11 List:

1. Ice Skate at Campus Martius

I haven't ice skated in ages!  I am not good at it.  Roller Skating, yes.  Ice Skating, nooooo! That needs to change.  Plus it is an excuse to wear a cute outfit!  Just cross your fingers I'm not on crunches for the rest of this winter season :).

2. Experience Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride through Detroit that begins at 5:30 pm at Grand Circus park the last Friday of every month during the warm weather months. The goal is to get as many bikes as possible on the streets and take them back from automobiles. The more bikes the better. Photo is of a couple of my friends en route this past summer.

3. Get in Touch with My Artsy Side at Pewabic Pottery

Pewabic Pottery is Detroit's very own "type" of pottery.  The pottery was founded in 1903 by the artist and teacher Mary Chase Perry Stratton and Horace James Caulkins, her partner. Caulkins was considered a high-heat and kiln specialist, and developed the "Revelation kiln". Mary Perry Stratton was "the artistic and marketing force." The collaboration of two and their blend of art and technology gave the pottery its distinctive qualities as Detroit's contribution to the International Arts and Crafts movement. You can find Pewabic Pottery all over town: Comerica Park, Detroit Public Library, The People Mover Stations, various homes in Detroit (specifically Indian Village, Bloomfield Hills, and Grosse Pointe), and many public and private collections such as the ones at the DIA and Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Earlier this year, I went on a tour of the facility with my parents.  While there, I learned about all the different classes Pewabic offers. Pewabic hosts a series of classes, but the ones I am most interested in is their Friday night "Evenings at the Pottery," Introduction to Throwing (cause I never worked on a wheel, cue that scene from "Ghost"), and Intro to Ceramics.  They also host a series of weekend workshops as well.  Pewabic's 2011 schedule is not posted yet, but click HERE for an example of the classes they offer. 

4.  FINALLY Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexican Town

5. Watch The Villages Detroit City Futbol Team Clench Another Victory for a Second Year in a Row

Model D TV: Detroit City Futbol League from Terry Parris Jr. on Vimeo.

I sadly missed my favorite soccer team clench the title in 2010.  In 2011, I won't miss it for the world.  Yes, this item is meant as a taunt to all the other Detroit Futbol teams, all in good fun of course :).  If you are interested in playing in the Detroit City Futbol League this spring/summer, click HERE.  Games are played at the World Cup Practice Field on Belle Isle.  Whether you play soccer or sit on the sidelines and cheer for your favorite team, it is a guaranteed swell time!

6. Go to Viciente's and FINALLY try their Paella

7.  Paddle Boat Around Belle Isle in These Babies

Paddle Boating is fun, we all know that. Paddle Boating in a giant swan around the largest isle park in the whole US of A , now that's entertainment!  For just $5, you can ride one of these beauties for a half hour. 

8.  Get My Dose of Vitamin Z While Walking Through the Butterfly House at the Detroit Zoo

9.  Ride a Segway on an Inside Detroit Tour with the lovely Maureen and Janette

10.  Visit Harsens Island

Harsens Island is located at the top of Lake St. Clair and is less than an hour from Detroit. You can get there by boat, short ferry ride, or small plane.

According to Pure Michigan, Is located in St. Clair County near the Detroit metropolitan area. The 39-mile long St. Clair River has recreational harbors in St. Clair and Marine City before the river divides into several branches at its mouth, creating the island strewn St. Clair Flats.

Harsens Island, the largest of the islands on the American side, was once a resort for the wealthy who arrived on steamers from Detroit. Today, Harsens Island and the St. Clair Flats area comprises one of the largest inland fresh water deltas in the world.

Harsens Island is also considered one of the most haunted places in America.  

11. Attend Dally in the Alley

Dally in the Ally is an annual fall street fair in north Cass Corridor neighborhood that's a celebration of local musicians, artists, restaurants and vendors of all sorts, sans corporate sponsorship. Every year it is organized by volunteers and the North Cass Community Union.


Rebekah said...

That sounds like a great list, Erin! Critical Mass sounds awesome. I want to do that this year, too!

Anonymous said...

Great list we have so much to do here in Detroit. Good Luck with your list.

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