I stumbled on this really great article (excerpt below) from the Canadian Edition of Reader's Digest today.  I love that our friendly neighbor to the north (er south, depends on where you are standing) is giving major kudos to Detroit, but are 9 reasons really enough?  No way!  So for those of you who yearn for more, check out the article I wrote with the lovely Ashley Catherine Woods for the Real Detroit Weekly 2010 Valentine's Day Edition. We give you 99 more (so that's a total of 108 for you math whizs!) reasons to love Detroit! It's amazing to re-read this article after a year knowing there are so many new items to add to the list, as I am sure you have quite a few as well!  Enjoy!

*Note click on the titles below to read the full articles since they are both pretty long and detailed

9 Surprising Reasons Detroit Rocks
Reader's Digest Canada 

1. The Heidelberg Project

2. The Cass Corridor

3. The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit

4. Mexicantown’s Restaurants and Supermercados

5. The Eastern Market

6. Detroit on Wheels (or Feet)

7. Artists’ Studios

8. Motown (and Other Musical Attractions)

9. The Quest for the Perfect Coney

99 Reasons to Fall in Love with Detroit (In Case You Had Any Doubts)
By Erin Rose and Ashley Catherine Woods
Real Detroit Weekly

1. We have an NBA Hall of Famer as our Mayor. Cincinnati had Jerry Springer. Detroit: 1, Cincinnati: 0

2. Being able to basically set your GPS according to what you’re craving: Greek, Mexican, Polish, Soul, Arabic, Bengladeshi, you name it …

3. Catching shots of the Townsend Hotel, Gusoline Alley, Tiger Stadium, our “best and worst” stage props and other things that arouse our civic pride on HBO’s Hung.

4. We have our own version of a Russian Bath House at The Schvitz Health Club on Oakland Avenue in Detroit. Check three-piece inhibitions at the door.

5. Detroit supplied 75 percent of the nation's liquor during the Prohibition Era — na zdrowie!

6. A former Louis Vuitton model convinced his brother and parents to pack their gear, leave their Chicago digs and head to Detroit to open the greatest BBQ joint in the Midwest.

7. We’re listed as one of the five best cities to get a green job by Clean Edge.

8. Low Down Sound — a bass player’s wet dream.

9.Try and order the mystery cobra cognac at Cliff Bell’s. Neat.

10. A double feature at the Ford Wyoming drive-in .

11. Scoreboard proposals at Comerica Park. You blink, you miss it. Kind of like some of our relationships.

12. The entrance and exit ramps on the Dequindre Cut. And the fact that we’re (finally) celebrating graffiti.

13. Catching the occasional post-2 a.m. drag race on the I-75 service drive by the American Axle plant.

14. Ceiling beam signatures at the Scarab Club, including those from Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell and Diego Rivera.

15. Motor City Motors on the Discovery Channel.

16. (313) Texts From Last Night was born here (thanks for getting one past the goalie).

17. The way Jefferson Avenue and Belle Isle bump on a hot summer afternoon.

18. The complimentary fresh salsa and guacamole that’s available for snacking each and every time we visit Honey Bee Market La Colmena in Southwest Detroit.

19. Pewabic Pottery and the out-of-towners that house it from Chicago to Paris. Martha Stewart loves it, too.

20. There’s no backstage at St. Andrews. So you can hang with the band at the bar ... no “special favors” required.

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