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Retired Detroit Lions WR Herman Moore

Humble Design, a Metro-Detroit based non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless families in need, is launching a new campaign on November 17th to help raise money to provide beds and home furnishings for families in need. To date, Humble Design has furnished the homes of 436 deserving Detroit-area families.

“Every night, too many kids have to sleep on the floor,” said CEO/co-founder Treger Strasberg. “We believe that every child should have a bed to sleep in and to jump on. That’s one of the joys of being a child.”

While Humble Design currently services only Detroit families, they hope to expanded their reach not only statewide, but nationwide. There are roughly 16,000 homeless people in Detroit and more than 600,000 across the United States. Included in that number are more that 50,000 American children under the age of 18.

Most people take having a bed for granted. Humble Design is asking America to participate in the Jump on the Bed Challenge. Record yourself or loved ones jumping on their beds, donating to Humble Design, and then challenging your friends to do the same.  Using the social media hashtag #humblejump, Humble design will feature videos and posts on their official website.  All proceeds raised will benefit hundreds of families in need of beds and furnishings.

“You’d be amazed by what we see,” said Julie Nagle, Director of Humble Design. “These children bypass the toys and games we provide and run to their bed. For most it is the first bed they have ever called their own.”

Visit or to donate to the cause and for more information on the Jump on the Bed Challenge.


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