This infamous Sautéed Sea Scallops 

I have never written a food or restaurant review on my blog, just something I never felt compelled to do. Plus, I think most restaurant reviews are meh and really do not enjoy partaking in what everyone else is doing. With that said, the reason I am writing this post is NOT to discuss the food or the drinks.  Quickly, though, everything we ordered from the menus received rave reviews from the table.  Not to mention that the ambiance is super sexxxxxxxxxy. I also like that you can see everything that is going on in the kitchen and not hidden from the dining/bar area.

Now that we got that out of the way, the real reason I am writing this post is because of their outstanding service and handling a common restaurant situation in a way that unfortunately most dining establishments (from any price point), do not partake in.

Just to bring you up to speed, Wright & Co.  is one of (if not solely) the most anticipated Detroit restaurants to open in 2014, and we are all thankful they did this past Monday. When you combine the craft cocktail mixology talents of Sugar House owner Dave K and the culinary genius of former Wolfgang Puck Executive Chef Marc Djozlija, the expectations are very, very high.

So for the fun part:

Last night, I went to Wright & Co. for an impromptu first round of going away parties for a good friend.  I was a little late to the festivities, and upon my arrival, met with a wait list and not one empty chair at the the bar. Fortunately my friends secured a booth at the front of restaurant.  Our waitress came over (who was super friendly) and I ordered The Room Key off the drink menu and The Sautéed Sea Scallops from the dinner menu (everything is Tapas). The drink came out quickly, the food on the other hand, took almost an hour.  I asked the waitress to check on it, she was great and ran right over to the kitchen.  10 minutes later, still was not out.  She sent over a manager (I did not request for him), who apologized, asked if I still wanted my meal, and let me know it was almost on its way and would be comped from my bill.  He asked me if he could bring me anything and I said, "a glass of Rosé."  He turned right around, headed to the bar, and quickly brought back my glass of wine.

This level of service is scarce in Detroit, which is unfortunate.  I spend a lot of my meals out opposed to my own dining room.  Do I know my way around a kitchen, yes.  I just tend to be out a lot because the food in Detroit is awesome and its summer. I also worked in the food industry in college, so I have sat on both sides of the table.

The point of me writing this is not to tell you that I got a free meal and beverage.  The point is how they handled the situation nicely, quickly acknowledged and  took care of the problem, and provided a high level of customer service.  They made me feel like I mattered as a patron, not just some customer in their bustling dining establishment.

So for $20, Wright & Co. got repeat customers out of the 10 of us (most of us living within walking/biking distance) and free publicity on this sweet blog.  That's pretty amazing ROI for a new restaurant in town.

I noticed they don't have a tagline yet, so maybe it should go a little something like, "Raising the Dining Standards In Detroit Since 2014."  It needs some polishing, but you get my point.


Howard H. Collens said...

Great service, even in compromised circumstances, makes good food better. Can't wait to try out W & Co.

detroit bob said...

Great to hear that the front of the house manager knows his business. So often in today's restaurant world servers, bussers and the kitchen crew can be undermined by inattentive management.

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