Did Warner Bros. Reveal Possible New Titles For Batman Vs. Superman? image

A Hollywood producer in charge of the new "Batman vs. Superman movie to be shot in Detroit revealed Tuesday intriguing details about the production.

Charles Roven told Variety the film will begin shooting in February and is convinced Ben Affleck will be a good Batman alongside Superman (actor Henry Cavill) - despite some online petitions against the casting.

“We wanted a guy who had a certain age and a certain gravitas to what he had done in terms of his recent work,” Roven told Variety.. “If you take a look at ‘The Town’ and ‘Argo,’ he plays a couple of serious guys in those movies.

"He’s a big man. He’s also a mature man. As you see him and Henry together, one definitely has much more experience just by looking at him. That’s what we wanted, particularly juxtaposed against our Superman.”

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