A Michigan license plate on exhibit at the techno museum run by Submerge and housed in the label's building

Although widely associated with Europe, techno music was invented in Detroit and its suburbs in the early 1980s by young African-Americans armed with drum machines, futurist ideals and a predilection for Kraftwerk. Artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson used whatever technology they could get their hands on to pioneer a cutting-edge sound made up of growling synths and driving dance beats. In the process, they set in motion one of the essential musical movements of the 20th century.

The music eventually found its largest audience across the Atlantic, but most of the original techno innovators still work out of the Motor City. This Memorial Day weekend most will be in town for the annual Movement Electronic Music Festival. You can hear the Movement Electronic Music Festival live from Detroit streaming all weekend at Resident Advisor.

In the list below originators, producers, DJs, label owners and musicologists pick 10 tracks that define the Detroit techno sound.

Wills Glasspiegel and Marlon Bishop spoke to the musicians and writer below in the course of reporting a story for All Things Considered and producing a radio documentary on Detroit techno and Chicago house for Afropop Worldwide.

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The Canadian city is hosting concerts by Michigan-based rockers Bob Seger on Tuesday and Kid Rock on Saturday. Both shows are to be held at the John Labatt Centre.

London also is saluting Detroit by renaming Talbot Street "Pure Michigan Ave" for the week and putting on a "Motown Block Party" downtown on Saturday that will include Motown music and a classic car display.

Tourism London general manager John Winston says "Michigan and Ontario have always been great neighbors." He says the week is "an opportunity to exhibit the meaning of true friendship by showcasing the City of Detroit's history, traditions and people."

London is located about halfway between Detroit and Toronto.

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