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When a city’s economy collapses, what keeps the population going? What can be done to create jobs? What can be done with abandoned factories?

DETROIT LIVES! is going to find out.

This documentary will take a close look at two of the world’s biggest post-industrial landmarks: Detroit, Michigan and Lodz, Poland.

Detroit was the king of cars before manufacturing was outsourced, and Lodz was the king of textiles before the fall of the Soviet Union. Both cities have suffered a massive drop in population. And now, both cities are faced with the challenge of re-building their economies.

Through a positive and constructive approach, this film will look at the human and economic factors propelling Detroit and Lodz forward. We’ll hear stories from urban planners, entrepreneurs and artists, and while each city offers its unique perspectives on renewal and re-definition, the global community can see what’s working, what’s not, and perhaps most importantly, realize the hidden potential for all those towns with closed factories sharing the same challenge.

We're very fortunate to be working alongside the Topografie Association-- a group in Lodz very similar to DETROIT LIVES!. They are an impassioned collective of people working to reinforce the cultural identity of Lodz through community art projects, educational programs, and events like summer festivals. They have helped immensely setting up interviews, equipment, locations-- you name it. They've welcomed the film with open arms, and we couldn't be happier to have them on the production team!

We’ve lined up interviews on both continents with top city officials, best-selling authors, and pioneering artists. PLUS, the American Film Festival in Poland has already expressed interest in premiering the film (and we haven’t even begun shooting)!

The train is moving faster than we ever thought possible.

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