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Yobi: Act With Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
Co-star in the Random Talent web series with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino!

Random Talent is a hilarious spoof of TV talent shows. Mike will play the role of a famous hip-hop star who is asked -- begged, actually -- by the producer to be the lead judge.

The burden of keeping Mike's character happy falls to the second judge, played by YOBILaugh Season One Winner Ben Green, who was sent from England (where the show originated) to create a successful US version based in Detroit.

The YOBIAct winners will play the third judge and the Director-Producer of this hilarious series where the judges have nothing in common but need to find the next huge talent before the producer loses the show sponsors!

Voting is now open - Get your entries in HERE!

*Please keep in mind that this is not an audition for Jersey Shore.


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