42 Girls From Detroit Set Out To Rule The World

Andrea Isom
My Fox Detroit

42 girls from metro Detroit are on their way to ruling the world. All of them are absolutely amazing, and in just one week, they were able to accomplish what some people never will.

These young girls are ready to show the world what they're made of -- sugar, spice and everything nice and throw in some math, science and technology, too.

"It's a wonderful experience.  Even if you hadn't considered technology as a field, this really opens your eyes," said 7th grader Lauren Pankin.

"At first, I thought it was impossible. I thought that you had to do all these lists of things, but now when I just look at it, it's looking like wow," said 6th grader Leanna Toles.

"I never really was interested in technology before this, but now it's really fun, and I think want to get a job in it," said 5th grader Grace MacLellan.

Camp Infinity is a program designed for girls in grades 5 through 8 all from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.  Thanks to the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, generous sponsors, educators and volunteers, the campers are introduced to video game and web design and some really cool robotics. Keeping these kids on the cutting edge is the key.

"The biggest thing is we found high school's too late," said Camp Director Julie Patterson.

"Plant the seed in these girls' minds while they are young so that they can latch on to the technology when they get older," said volunteer Madhuri Raju.

"Sometimes they get outshone by the boys, and you've got to have a way to draw the girls out and give them a confidence that they might not get at home or at school," said Marcy Klevorn with the Ford Motor Company.

"The percentage of women achieving college degrees is going up. The percentage of women achieving degrees in technology is going down. So, it's actually getting worse instead of better. So, it's really important that we find our best and brightest and we encourage them to consider technology for a career," Patterson said.

It's tremendous what these young minds managed to master in just five days.

"We come out with great robots, excellent web pages.  I mean, they look professional, great use of color," Patterson said.

"These are the kind of employees we need in the future," Klevorn said.

"I want to work in some place like Google or something like that, and do something in math or science," said 7th grader Prerana Shenoy.

"I want to become a politician, but I think I now have a greater understanding of the technological field of website creation. I need a campaign after all," Pankin said.

Their parents are proud and very impressed.

"My daughter came home the first day more excited about this than about the first day of dance or the first day of soccer," said parent Joe MacLellan.

"Amazing and talented, and it's great to have young ladies being involved in technology. I think we need more women involved. This is a great start for them, as well," said parent Dewayne Toles.

"I still don't know what I want to do with my computer science degree, but I know that I love computers and you can just do anything," said volunteer Devan Sayles.

An experience like this is priceless, but Camp Infinity is free. For more information, visit www.mcwtf.org.


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