Six months following the death of the rock ‘n’ roll legend, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) Music-of-david-bowie-1000x1000will perform The Music of David Bowie at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre on Sunday, July 10 at 7:30 p.m. The Orchestra, led by guest conductor Brent Havens and accompanied by a full rock band will take you on a one-night-only symphonic odyssey that explores the incredible range of David Bowie’s musical genius.

Tickets at $75, $55, $35 and $25 in the pavilion, $20 on the lawn and four-packs at $60 on the lawn go on sale this Saturday, March 26 at 10 a.m. at,,, The Palace Ticket Store and all Ticketmaster locations. Tickets are also available by phone at 313.576.5111.

“My concept for The Music of David Bowie was to take the music as close to the originals as we could and then add some colors to enhance what Bowie had done,” says Havens. “The wonderful thing with an orchestra is that you have an entire palette to call upon.  The band is reproducing what Bowie did on the albums, verbatim, and then having an orchestra behind the band gives the music a richness, a whole different feel, a whole different sense of power.”

The two-plus hour concert features approximately 18 David Bowie tunes, including “Space Oddity,” “Changes,” “Under Pressure,” “Heroes,” “Rebel Rebel,” “Fame,” “China Girl” and more.

Conductor Brent Havens states: “David Bowie’s unique life and musical sensibilities provide a wide range of different sounds and elements that's quite different from what Windborne has done in the past.  Bowie's influence abounds within not only the rock community, such as his work with Queen and John Lennon, but also crosses into multiple genres including his work with Pat Methany or his contribution to a soundtrack with Giorgio Moroder. That introduces a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for us to stage a show that's unique in its own right but stays within the confines of what we are known for as a presenter.”

The symphonic rock hybrid has met with approval on both sides of the podium.

“When we first came on stage, the audience gave us polite, almost classical applause,” says Havens. “Then we hit the first note and they realized it was a rock show.”

The Music of David Bowie with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre is part of the Belle Tire Concert Series.

Ticket Information

Tickets for The Music of David Bowie at Meadow Brook Ampitheatre are $75, $55, $35 and $25 in the pavilion, $20 on the lawn and four-packs at $60 on the lawn. All tickets are available for purchase at, in-person at the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center Box Office (3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit 48201) or by calling (313) 576-5111.


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