Over the past few years — buried by high rents and intimidating mortgage rates — many young creatives have dreamed of packing it up and moving to Detroit, where they seem to be giving away real estate. Some intrepid folks have actually made the move, and (as often happens in creative “it” towns of the moment) a hopping food scene has developed.

One such bold spirit is Marc Djozlija of Wright & Company — recently nominated for the James Beard Award for Best Chef, Great Lakes Region, 2015. Though Djozlija is a Detroit native, he booked it out of town as soon as he turned 18, and started his career with Wolfgang Puck. After an 11 year stint in Las Vegas, the Wolfgang Puck crew told him they wanted to open a restaurant in Detroit. At first, Djozlija couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to build a restaurant in his hometown (who would come?), but once back home, he quickly decided there was no place he’d rather be.


Located in an old building that looks like a castle, Parks and Rec serves innovative takes on breakfast items. They are not afraid to push the boundaries with interesting ingredients. They share a kitchen with Republic, their sister restaurant, which specializing in nose to tail dining.

Smoked leek strata, eggs en cocotte with bacon jam and the corn cakes are my personal favorites. I like the fact that they offer some of the dishes in smaller portions so that you can try many things. Be prepared to wait though, as their 32 seats fill up fast.

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