The Detroit Foundation, a new non-profit organization aiming to restore the creative spirit and passion for the city with fellow Michiganders and pro-Detroiters, launches its inaugural granting campaign, “Fuel Detroit” today. The month-long campaign calls on Metro Detroiters to submit grant proposals via its website for projects which benefit the city and help grow the local creative economy.

“I grew up around Detroit and was proud to call it home," said Adarsh Pandit, the foundation's chair. "It has been upsetting to see what has happened to such a great city over the last few years, as political scandals and the suffering economy have worn it down. I wanted to do something that could really make a difference, and I know there are other passionate people out there, like me, who want to contribute to the city's social and economic success. Harnessing that desire and power could be a gamechanger
for the city I love."

The Detroit Foundation was founded in 2010 along with Ranvir Gujral and Zaahir Syed, all of whom grew up in Michigan. The foundation now has a following of 350 members to date and growing quickly, driven by the
Detroit natives throughout the nation interested in helping the city. The foundation aims to bring together the pro-Detroit community to support inspiring projects through grants and pro-bono professional services in
order to help the city recover from recent downturns in the manufacturing and housing markets.

“In the past year or two, we have seen passionate and creative entrepreneurs flood into the city, driven by cheap housing and operating costs, but also to be part of a vibrant and growing community of creative people living in the next big cool city,” said co-founder Ranvir Gujral. “The Detroit Foundation is designed to help those people do great things.”

“Our goal is to do something awesome for Detroit, regardless of what shape it takes, and build a like-minded community to get together and do more great things,” said co-founder Zaahir Syed. “It could be a new company, non-profit, mentoring service, web training center, startup conference, comic book company, start-up incubator, ice cream truck, mural, squash tournament, web app, short film, t-shirt, or playground. As
long as itʼs inspiring and does something positive for Detroit and itʼs creative economy.”

Pledged donations of professional services, especially legal and accounting work, is welcome from interested volunteers. Also donations of any amount are welcome via Paypal at, with voting memberships start at $99. For more information on The Detroit Foundation, visit or on Facebook ( and Twitter (


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